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  1. e0richt

    Should I buy a Bike Mirror?

    I say "bull" to that... at least in my area, you can see a car coming up to you and you can look at them for a bit longer period than using the neck swivel... There have been times where either the driver coming up seemed a bit wobbly or a truck that seemed to require more than the average space...
  2. e0richt

    Cycling etiquette

    do you have a rear view mirror? I have one on my helmet (which allows for scanning behind you very quickly)... this would solve your problem...
  3. e0richt

    Wal Mart Bikes which is better for me?

    just an update on my "lightning sport" bike (which is better than the 'mart bikes... so for that 240.00 I got a steel bike with basic indexed shifters. I now have over 1500 miles on it (I kind of got out of biking for a bit). I did have to replace the rear wheel (because it came with a free...
  4. e0richt

    Chain Guard/Pants Guard for mountain bike

    well I don't have info on the chain guard. However, I cut a legging from a pair of sweat pants that have the gathered bottom and I use the tie strap for the top. It protects the pant leg.
  5. e0richt

    Wheel drops out - I drop down

    I would take it back to the shop to be checked out... I would also replace the quick release skewer maybe?
  6. e0richt

    Traffic confrontation escalated, what would you have done?

    and where do you get this impression? because he had the audacity to be mad that someone endangered his life? my point is that if you have the legal right, then thats it you have the right there is no "moral" isssue about using it... so some guy has to wait a few seconds to get around safely...
  7. e0richt

    Traffic confrontation escalated, what would you have done?

    you are probably wrong here because the laws don't state "possible" but "practicable" which still gives leeway to the cyclist...
  8. e0richt

    Schwinn Varsity back from the dead (at Walmart!)

    I am a big dude, 5'9'' at around the 300... could I ask what your stats are? just want to put the mileage on the bike in context...
  9. e0richt

    Why Cycling will never be accepted by road users PERIOD

    I agree, and it does show cowardice on the part of motorists when they do exhibit that type of behavior...
  10. e0richt

    Why Cycling will never be accepted by road users PERIOD

    Im kind of surprised to hear that... I thought that countries like denmark were more enlightened about cyclists and sharing the road... but that is another facet of the issue. Knowledge about traffic laws and true accountability for actions... I haven't really faced it yet but there seems to be...
  11. e0richt

    How many miles?

    my bicycle year fell from july 2006, july 2007 (because thats when I got my bike...) so I had about 1500 miles... I think I only have about 200 more since then so total is about 1700..
  12. e0richt

    Schwinn Varsity back from the dead (at Walmart!)

    sorry I forgot to put a link that I think will help you...
  13. e0richt

    Schwinn Varsity back from the dead (at Walmart!)

    I bought a sport based on my size and I found that it fits me... but I did have to play with stem height because I like the handlebars about the same height as my seat. you can also modify a "close enough" bike to fit by using another stem... don't know what you can do about your feet hitting...
  14. e0richt

    Why Cycling will never be accepted by road users PERIOD

    I feel this is more a problem of not having infrastructure suited to cyclists/motorists so that tension is minimized... but the ideal (which we have not achieved yet) is that the cyclist is treated as a driver of a vehicle but have the infrastructure to allow for them to be passed by motorists...
  15. e0richt

    Small review of Dawes Lightning 1200

    I am thinking about getting the bike, do you have a link to the bike's specs?
  16. e0richt

    disrespectful cyclists...

    as far as, your momma "rasining you right"? well, by you advocating initimidation tactics by motorists really calls THAT into question, hmmm?
  17. e0richt

    disrespectful cyclists...

    if we take that to its logical conclusion, does that mean we should start driving in sherman tanks?
  18. e0richt

    disrespectful cyclists...

    you really are a jack ass aren't you? but no, my demise is probably less likely than yours... oh some info: I would recommend other reading but you...
  19. e0richt

    disrespectful cyclists...

    well, you are an idiot. and I wear a helmet cam... so please try to use some intimidation tactics, you WILL get a ticket... ha ha.