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  1. LBguy

    Food Questions

    Light breakfast works for me. Cliff or powerbars in my camelbak's phone pocket (seperately sold accessory that goes on your shoulder strap. I also have an accelerade bottle along with my water bottle and I feel that it helps recovery also since it has some protein in it. If I get home soon...
  2. LBguy

    People are idiots: my xbox 360 = most of the drvtrn for my ellsworth

    I was thinking of doing that but waiting overnight with hardcore gamers isn't my idea of fun.
  3. LBguy

    JensonUSA's 12 days of Christmas

    JensonUSA's having a "12 days of Christmas" sale. I guess they're gonna have a new sale item everyday for 12 days, but each sale only lasts that same day. PM me if you have trouble finding it or anything.
  4. LBguy

    attn socal riders:

    I just finished a project of mine. It's for southern california mountain bikers. My spare time since then has been dedicated to working on the site (including some would-be riding time) and here it is . . . Improvements are still being made but the main things are...
  5. LBguy

    Pain in the Neck

    It's either because your helmet is too heavy, your head is too stationary, or your riding position is too low. Maybe try a lighter helmet, tilt your head from side to side occasionally, and/or raise handlebar or install a stem with shorter extension.
  6. LBguy

    disc brake compatibility?

    I keep looking around at, and but can't find mounts for the calipers. Since my bike is an entry level bike I doubt it'll have wheel hubs with mountain holes for the rotor. For the front hub, will this do...
  7. LBguy

    disc brake compatibility?

    I'm decided to upgrade my brakes to avid mechanicals. My bike is a Trek 3700, I know it's not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination, but I wanted a beginner bike that I can buid some skills and get introduced to the sport before spending lots of $$ for a really nice bike...
  8. LBguy

    broken collar bone

    Be patient.
  9. LBguy

    mtb tools and things to have

    I ended up getting Will probably get some more tools later . . .
  10. LBguy

    Bike size poll

    My frame is 16 and I'm about 5'6" also.
  11. LBguy

    mtb tools and things to have

    Thanks :)
  12. LBguy

    mtb tools and things to have

    Im really new to mountain biking and just want to get a 'wish list' together of essentials I will need. So far I have: bike (trek 3700), i know it's a bit on the cheap side but im a poor college kid who just needed something to learn on. Also just ordered some biking shorts, have a helmet...
  13. LBguy

    Any young RIDERS?

    I'm a 20 year old poor college kid. Just got a trek 3700 and I'm still a complete noob. Just wanna ride for a year or two till I get somewhat experienced and then invest in a better bike.
  14. LBguy

    Anyone know what small cars a mountain bike fits in?

    I have a 2001 Toyota Celica and the with the back seats folded down, I can fit the bike in there fairly snuggly and fairly easily with the front wheel off. I havent tried two . . .