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  1. blastguardgear

    Hydraulic Brake Levers And Other Question?

    BB7s are mechanical brakes, but I was very happy with a set for years. Easy to service and adjust. And a new set can be had pretty cheap. If you are mechanically handy, replacing the lever only may not be difficult. But a new set of brakes should be plug and play. It is likely your Avid rotors...
  2. blastguardgear

    Questions On Installing 26" Bent Springer Fork On A Beach Cruiser

    Its not worth it. No matter what you do the bike will be so uncomfortable to ride you will start to hate it right away, if you're lucky it will become nothing more than a show bike. Oh, and you will never...EVER! get back what you put into it. So my advice is don't do it.
  3. blastguardgear

    Is There A Signal To Warn Drivers That I'm About To Avoid An Object?

    I just stop, and wait. Because putting my arm out, would put me off balance. I have had balance issues all my life. So, More power to those who can put their arm out in that situation.
  4. blastguardgear

    Anyone Use One Of Those Huge Excercise Bike Front Sprockets?

    They are out there, I just picked one up for $40. Even brand new they're only $170 or so. Gotta open them up and re-grease them though, they don't put any grease in these things from China. Nice cruiser- comfortable- feels like a little kid riding your dads bike! Can't imagine how he pedals that...
  5. blastguardgear

    Can Heavy Steel Forks Be Drilled?

    I've worked in the bike industry. Any frame members or components on the bike forward of your knees (also the seatpost) are considered safety critical because if they fail you are crashing fast and hard. My experience is cycling companies test these components pretty carefully for ultimate...
  6. blastguardgear

    Are Sidi Bike Shoes Really Worth It.?

    It's a shoe, so fit trumps all other considerations. Various makers cut their shoes slightly differently, some wider some narrower, with variation in arch height and toe room. Some people find some brands fit better than others, so the most comfortable shoe may not be the one that's "best", aka...
  7. blastguardgear

    Good Water Bottle?

    Be careful about bottles that say BPA-free. Some of them just substituted BPS for BPA. BPS is even worse than BPA.
  8. blastguardgear

    Best Time To Buy From Performance

    End of the season or last years bike unfortunately . Otherwise just have to keep a look out.
  9. blastguardgear

    Anybody Else Feel Pressured To Ride Fast By The Drop Bars?

    not me, not in the least. I have flat bars on my mountain bike but I'd never use them on my road bike. I rarely use the drops but they're there when I want them and the overall bar configuration is the most useful/comfortable for me.
  10. blastguardgear

    What Time Do You Generally Go Riding?

    I start my rides as early in the morning as I can, maybe 7 am, and try to get 50 miles in by lunch.
  11. blastguardgear

    Good Method/practice For Navigation

    Navigation in France with a map and compass is not a "nightmare", it is no more difficult than any other area. Most cities have cycle routes from edge to centre, which simplifies navigation. If you need to refer to the map frequently, use a bar bag map holder. Compass is for cloudy and foggy...
  12. blastguardgear

    Bought Used Bike

    Have the shop check over the usual wear items- chain, cables, bar tape, brake pads, etc. make sure it is not damaged. ask the owner where he bought the bike. you may or may not want to know if it was stolen. more importantly, does it fit you? it might be worthwhile to have a trained eye look...
  13. blastguardgear

    What's Up With Puncture Resistant Tires?

    Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is a standard measure of reliability. Compared to 1970 tech tyre, kevlar protected ones have much longer MTBF. I would estimate MTBF for old tech to be about 3-6 months and for modern everyday tyres, 12-18 months. High protection tyres such as Schwalbe Marathon...
  14. blastguardgear

    How Wide Are You're Handlebars?

    I find that I prefer the 711mm- 28inch bars. They are the old school '80's Ritchey Bull Moose handlebars. They are on the heavy side and very solid but that's ok because my because my B17 is also on the heavy side but comfortable.
  15. blastguardgear

    Can You Ride Mtbs On Pavement Longterm?

    I routinely ride my Trek MTB 20-25 miles on pavement. If i were to look to go further, I would be inclined to buy a road bike of some sort.
  16. blastguardgear

    How To Use Bike Rack

    Yeah, those old fashioned wheel benders are terrible. Better than nothing, I suppose, but not by much. If I were in your situation I would have done the exact same thing.
  17. blastguardgear

    Difficulty Sleeping After A Hard Ride

    Personally, I'd chalk it up to the fact that you haven't done strenuous exercise in a while. It's known that adrenaline, along with norepinephrine, are released in response to exercise. They are responsible for increasing heart rate, blood flow to muscles, muscle strength, sugar metabolism, and...
  18. blastguardgear

    Mounting A Backpack To Bicycle

    A front or rear basket seems like a good idea to me, too. There are many removable front baskets available that, when not in use, can be removed and just leave a clip on the handlebars.
  19. blastguardgear

    What Is The Deal With The Top Tube Protection

    It protects the top tube if the handlebars hit it. Also a long one can be handy when leaning a bike against a pole to lock up.
  20. blastguardgear

    Keep Trek 820 Or Move Up?

    I'm in a similar situation, had my 820 a year now and really want to upgrade to a road bike either as a replacement or as an N+1. gonna follow and see what others say. that said, I'm actually really happy with my 820 so far, only complaint is the weak/bouncy fork suspension and sometimes I have...