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  1. asterope

    Anybody ride folding bikes?

    i see heaps of them round town in Brisbane (Australia) and also on the gold and sunshine coasts... but then again we have the weather for them :) lots of students use them to get to and from uni, and i occasionally see one folded up on a bus or train, rather surprisingly with a suit next to it :D
  2. asterope

    Ladies, do you have helmet hair?

    hrmmm... no dreadlocks. tut tut tut.
  3. asterope

    Bike security

    oh now that is like, just soooooo cute!!! actually, im sure paris hilton would do that if she rode a bike... but thats like, soooo not hot right now. *falls over and breaks a nail whilst walking drunk* sorry... very cute dog! im sure hes vicious! our little mini foxie is very protective of our...
  4. asterope

    Ugly as anything but...

    noooooooo! why oh why did i click on that link??!! yeah, the chain bowl is nasty, but the freewheel tea-light holders are pretty groovy... and the rest of the site is amazing!!
  5. asterope

    cycling on the ICB (brisbane)

    sweet!!! thanks for confirming that MM :) I had a friend tell give me a bit of a lecture to the contrary but i think that might just be because he is a big wooz. Asterope (getting back on it)
  6. asterope

    cycling on the ICB (brisbane)

    Hi all :) long time no see... ive been catching up on the goss from the world of two wheels now that im allowed to get back into it :D Good to see a few of the brissy lard-arses still around, though karen tells me that the rides have pretty much stopped :( I gots meself a new jobbie at the...
  7. asterope

    How do you get by with a useless college degree?

    i hardly think a degree in biology is useless in this day and age... at my campus you cant get a degree in 'biology', you can get a science degree majoring in any specialisation of 'biology' which is useful wherever you decide to take it. for what its worth, im a 3rd year science undergrad...
  8. asterope

    P-plater caught towing cyclist

    does this mean, that technically, i was breaking the law when i used to tow my friends on rollerskates (wheeled recreational vehicle) with my bicycle (moving vehicle)?
  9. asterope

    BNE: LA ride 16th Feb

    ahhh lotte, bringer of crabs, harbinger of all strains virulent... my doctors bill comes in the mail soon, so i'll let you know. and thanks for forcing me to wear a merkin... brazillians get all chafey under knicks so i hope youre proud of yourself :p as for keeping me away last year, its...
  10. asterope

    BNE: LA ride 16th Feb

    unfortunately, i'll be in tenterfield... and no, i wont be riding there, as much as i would absolutely love to. ive been mucho sick lately and i think riding would kill me, i will have to go easy. uni goes back in a few weeks time, so you wont be able to get rid of me then. Asterope (the dirty...
  11. asterope

    Ahem: Nude bike ride, Brisbane, 10th march.

    even worse... are you calling me old?!? hehehe i may have recently turned 27 and put on a few kilos over the uni break but i hardly feel like a fat old hippy!! anyhoo, isnt a fat old hippy naked on a bike better than a fat old hippy naked in a convertible BMW? Asterope (in teh nudeez)
  12. asterope

    Ahem: Nude bike ride, Brisbane, 10th march.

    being the peace loving mung bean eating tree hugging hippy i am, the idea of a nude bike ride certainly tickles the fancy (hardeeharhar)
  13. asterope

    Kmart Huffy recall

    nope. it means i wont br drinking beer on thursday evening though.
  14. asterope

    Kmart Huffy recall

    ive been feeling rather 100% proof lately... i shall steer away from the pickling agents for the next LA ride so lotte cant sneak up on me. Asterope (pickled)
  15. asterope

    Kmart Huffy recall

    oooh... best not be taking that one down a mountain at 60km/h! still, it hasnt got disc brakes, and no brakes are better than disc brakes right? Asterope (huffy's rock my socks)
  16. asterope

    The hottest thing in mountain bike technology

    MM, you truly are all they say you are, and all you claim to be... *humbles herself in awe of the ph33red m4st3r MM, or MethaneMan*
  17. asterope

    HUN letter writers again.

    methinks this Mr busybody has some * serious issues* with either his (ahem) manhood, or is letting his dreams about being kirsten dunst kissing spiderman get mixed up with his real feelings for his friends skin-tight lycra'd body. either way, confronting his personal sexuality issues in the...
  18. asterope

    A brew for your best friend...

    wish we could get it here... googz is coming to stay for a few weeks soon and i would love to share a beer with him :)
  19. asterope

    Embarrassment - best location

    my worst was when waiting at the lights on a very busy main road in brisbane... getting a bit wobbly so time to unclip... nope, no unclip. unclip un-possible. so here i topple, in a less than graceful arc, to the ashphalt beside me which was thankfully free of cars... right in front of a...
  20. asterope

    LA ride Mon 22 Jan

    im out... i dont think i'll be able to move my neck, let alone my legs or vocal cords :D Asterope p.s. the BDO rocked!!