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  1. heedcase

    getting hit by a car

    It was a tongue in cheek suggestion
  2. heedcase

    getting hit by a car

    Since you know where the car is parked now.. and the police won't help..and the lawyer costs more money. Maybe taking the valve centers out of a tire or two on the car will give you some payback. Let this person who either hit you or is covering for the bozo who did feel some pain. AND if you...
  3. heedcase

    Help with tire selection

    JohnO...thanks for the reply..Now I can go get some tubulars. I found Clements on E-bay and also has a 3 for $50 deal that seems good. I agree that I should go with a set of clinchers...the tubs are to keep the bike period correct. I think I will splurge for an extra set of...
  4. heedcase


    200 people viewed your thread no one had a reply? Looks like everyone is trying to find transfers. There must be a market for this right? There is a way to do it and the bicyle painters have it...problem is they only do it if they spray the bike. You can recreate on the computer yourself from...
  5. heedcase

    Help with tire selection

    I guess my question was in disguise..What is the correct size tubular tire to buy? Do I need to find NOS vintage tubulars? What is a good price to pay for two wheels to be built including installing the freewheel. So THREE questions.
  6. heedcase

    Help with tire selection

    I am restoring a LeJeune from the 70's. The original rims were Super Champion Arc en Ciel Tubulars 36 that's what I found on E-Bay brand new for less than $100 for the pair. I want to bring it back to original that is why I went with the tubulars. The problem is I ride a Fuji Del Rey...
  7. heedcase

    Has a dog ever caught you?

    Every day for food, walks, and chase ball.
  8. heedcase

    Selecting the right chain

    I need to replace the chain on my 85 Fuji Del Rey. I would like to purchase online so I can have more choices. I don't know the proper size to select. It has a Sugino crank with 52/42 chainrings and 6 speed freewheel. How about a little help.:confused:
  9. heedcase

    Buying a road bike

    If you are just riding to ride and not racing you have options. For the money you can find a Vintage Lightweight roadbike that would be in great condition. Also the quality of these bikes of the late 70's were of great quality similar to the high end bikes today. You would also be cool and...
  10. heedcase

    I need to find LeJeune Decals?

    Does anyone know the best place to find decals for a LeJeune Vintage 70's bike..What do the painters charge etc.:confused: