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  1. donhix1

    Shaved or hairy?

    OUCH!! Have you seen the 40 year old Virgin?
  2. donhix1

    Piepoli seals stage win in snow

    I think Basso just rode with Piepoli, saving himself for Friday and Saturday. Grand Tours are kind of boring when a rider is so dominant and the only suspense is who will be second and third and this is coming from a Basso fan.
  3. donhix1

    Thoughts on the Trek 1000, 1200 and 1500?

    It also costs 2-3 times more to upgrade by buying components seperatley than to get the bike with the 105 or Ultegra in the first place. If you are going to ride your bike 4-7 times a week then get at least 105. If you only ride once a week or less, then Sora should be fine.
  4. donhix1

    Tom danielson not in the the 2006 Tour de France?

    Discovery doesn't really have anyone that can podium pending a giant leap forward with Pop. They now say Danielson is sick. I also think that Danielson is getting too old to be considered an up and comer. I heard that Danielson might do the 2007 Tour.
  5. donhix1

    Simoni is a world class a##clown

    He was the one who said everyone else is a clown. There is no doubt he is a great climber. But if you add the 43 seconds Savoldelli lost because of a crash. Then Salvodelli gained 3:11 in the TT. So Simoni less than two minutes in the mountains. Salvodelli was just a better all around...
  6. donhix1

    Bruyneel best directeur sportif? the new Riis?

    If not for a bit of bad luck, Basso could be the Giro champ. I don't think we can tell what kind of D.S. Bruyneel is until Lance is gone. Did Bruyneel help make Lance the dominating rider he is? Or is he just riding on Lance's coat tails? Another point is that CSC doesn't have the budget of...
  7. donhix1

    Simoni is a world class a##clown

    Simoni had a chance to win. He couldn't stay with Rujano on the last climb. He is the clown now after what he said. Although he has said stuff like this before.
  8. donhix1

    who will win this years tour de france

    I changed my mind and am pulling for Basso after his Giro time trials. Also I think CSC will win the team time trial.
  9. donhix1

    GIRO - Spoiler

    Salvodelli made up a half a minute or more on the descent and the flat before the climb. He was lucky to have some help when the road leveled off. Simoni didn't make up much of any time on the last climb. I think Simoni's climbing style is more suited for a steeper climb. Savoldelli showed a...
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    GIRO - Spoiler

    Danielson was suppose to help in the mountains and Hesjdal hasn't shown much since he became a road rider. Savoldelli is pretty much on his own.
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    GIRO - Spoiler

    Basso was reported as having stomach problems, he threw up after the stage. He will need to be better tomorrow, otherwise he could be out of contention.
  12. donhix1

    Zabriskie wins Giro TT, thanks to USPS/Discovery for chance

    Hincapie though isn't at the level of the elite one day riders. He is there leader but when Boonen and him were together at the end of Paris-Roubauix it would have taken a miracle to win and he didn't enter a lot of the other classics since he doesn't do that great on the hilly courses.
  13. donhix1

    Have you ever purchased bicycling related items online?

    I agree, if the LBS is close in price I will pay a little more, but when it is much cheaper on line. I bought a carbon fork for an old road bike and by the time they got done with the labor charges I could have paid for the tools and done it myself.
  14. donhix1

    Zabriskie wins Giro TT, thanks to USPS/Discovery for chance

    Postal/Discovery has been a one race team. The success and failure of their program has been the Tour. With the pro Tour and Armstrong's retirement they have to try to diversify. Popovych and Savoldelli weren't hired to just support Lance but to have ambitions on thier own. Hoste, Hammond...
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    What kind of energy bar do you eat?

    This is true and then if you use one of those gels at $1 a pop it really adds up. The pros use gels because they get them free from their sponsor. There must be a huge profit margin on these energy bars.
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    GIRO - Spoiler

    I couldn't believe it when Cunego lost 5 minutes. I thought it would be Savoldelli, Basso and Cunego for the win. This has been a great Giro so far, very entertaining. ...and there is a lot of tough stages to go. :D edited to add: Allen Peiper was on Eurosport. He said Robbie is staying in...
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    05 TDF Official Guide

    I think I threw mine away and I could have got $79? I don't know, if I didn't know better I would have thought this was spam. ;)
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    GIRO - Spoiler

    The last stage in Milan is always flat. You have to do a lot of climbing to get there though.
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    GIRO - Spoiler

    If you read my post I said Lance wasn't going to win the Tour. I am pulling for Ulrich. I too get tired of everything Lance. You are lucky you have Eurosport. We only get to see races that Lance is in. Anyway I hope Robbie stays in the Giro to win the sprinters jersey. I know he usually...
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    GIRO - Spoiler

    You were the one comparing Tour climbs to Giro climbs :rolleyes: I did have Cunego in my thread.