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  1. Sunflogun

    Cycling Running Interference

    Training is something complex, so some experienced advice is always valued.
  2. Sunflogun

    Help Choosing First Bike!?

    I think this totally depends on what we are aiming, if it's just for recreational use it's not that important.
  3. Sunflogun

    Flu Shot?

    No way I am taking any flu shots, I feel that's bad for my health!
  4. Sunflogun

    Heavy Duty Chain Locks

    This looks awesome, at the same time carrying this around seems... heavy! :D
  5. Sunflogun

    Intelligent Electric Bicycle Development

    Best of luck in your project, let me see if I get the £10. :)
  6. Sunflogun

    Counterfeit Supplements

    That is the biggest danger of supplements, we don't know what we are ingesting. Nothing like water and bananas as far as I see it.
  7. Sunflogun

    Short Rider On A 29er, Possible?

    Yep, it's really important to get the right size or else you will be doing it inadequately and might get injured.
  8. Sunflogun

    Cold Weather Bike Storage

    Haha, so that's the though part of the bargain, negotiating with the wife usually it's the hardest part! :D
  9. Sunflogun

    It's official. I'm hooked.

    It's so great to do what we love and say we are hooked on something healthy right? :)
  10. Sunflogun

    Does The Benefit Of Cycling Outweigh The Harmful Effects Of Pollution?

    The benefits of cycling are not only physical, but also in our head, so definitely yes, I am way better cycling than doing nothing!
  11. Sunflogun

    Bike Riding While Pregnant?

    It really depends on how pregnant you are, if it's the starting months I think it's ok for short rides.
  12. Sunflogun

    How To Become A Pro Cyclist?

    It's all about hard work and dedication, not only in cycling, but also in any other sport.
  13. Sunflogun

    Cold Weather Bike Storage

    That's something important to have a place to store the bike, otherwise where will we put it, on our living room?
  14. Sunflogun

    Riding with no hands

    Love the saying, no hands, no feet, no teeth! :D
  15. Sunflogun

    Beef As Energy Food

    Nothing like beef, chips, egg, sleep and then ride the bike. :)
  16. Sunflogun

    Do I Need To Refuel For Rides Under 1 Hour ?

    Under one hour there is really no need to refuel as the body has enough energy to continue.
  17. Sunflogun

    Where Do You Buy Your Used Cycling Equipment?

    Yeah, I usually don't buy used equipment, I prefer new, it's not that expensive.
  18. Sunflogun

    Beware of PowerCranks

    Good old training will always be the way to go, supplements might help, but we always need to train.
  19. Sunflogun

    Bike Sharing Programs And Their Users

    In my city a bike sharing program is about to be created and I find that great, I mean, what's better than riding a bike?
  20. Sunflogun

    Any Good?

    Looking good, at the same time, are you doing that injured?