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  1. friedmikey

    what are some road fork brand names

    Time, Profile, Oval,... I vote for Alpha Q... own two GS10's.
  2. friedmikey

    Your Worst Crash

    Told my group of guides off for overlapping wheels, then proceeded to overlap wheels and tip over at 1 mph, breaking my brand new carbon bars.
  3. friedmikey

    Favorite Rides In Lake Tahoe

    Surely someone here's ridden in Tahoe, no? Anybody ever ride from Tahoe City or Truckee to Sugarbowl/Soda Springs via Donner Summit Road, Old Donner Summit Road, Lake Mary Road, etc? What was it like?
  4. friedmikey

    Favorite Rides In Lake Tahoe

    Share your favorite road rides in the Lake Tahoe area. I'm going to be up there for a week at the end of this month and I'm looking for some great routes to ride. I've already done the around-the-lake thing, and while beautiful and fairly challenging, I don't really need to do it again. Too...
  5. friedmikey

    Soloist - heavy frame?

    What size is the frame?
  6. friedmikey

    broken or not?

    Hang in there Stacey. You will get through it. I can relate on most counts - the misery of sleeping on my back, constant shuffling of pillows, the horrible narcotics and subsequent withdrawals, sensitive scar, the loss of sensation around the incision, the fragmented bone, the joys of PT, and...
  7. friedmikey

    Why is Shimano dragging their feet on a DA compact?

    What present one? Are you referring to the non-group FC-R700 compact crank that's somewhere around an Ultegra level? I've got it. It's currently pulling singlespeed duty on my latest bike. Really, the only difference from DA is aesthetics and weight. I'm a sucker of a consumer that wants...
  8. friedmikey

    Why is Shimano dragging their feet on a DA compact?

    I'd buy a DA compact in a heartbeat.
  9. friedmikey

    Why is Shimano dragging their feet on a DA compact?

    The old adage, "What wins on Sunday sells on Monday," comes to mind. You don't honestly think that Shimano makes Dura-Ace products for the pros, do you? It's for the wanna be pros, like me. But I'm realistic. I know I'm nowhere near the same level as a pro, so I don't try to use the same...
  10. friedmikey

    Why is Shimano dragging their feet on a DA compact?

    I was just browsing around, and I came across the SRM Dura-Ace Compact Powermeter crankset. Somebody else had to do it for them! My question is, just what is going on in the heads of the marketing department over at Shimano? It's pretty obvious that the compact thing is...
  11. friedmikey

    A Cyclist's Life is Worth £45

    What happened to those four was tragic, no doubt about it. But c'mon, be realistic. Accidents happen, unfortunately. That's what this sounds like to me - a very unfortunate accident. Nothing that I read in that article you linked suggested that the driver did anything intentional or...
  12. friedmikey

    Any Bike shop owners here?

    It all depends, I'd say. Like blindsaint mentioned, it really depends on the market. Lots of markets seem to be saturated with bike and ski/snowboard shops, so while hedging for the seasonality, it would also mean taking on two of the more competitive and tight-margin retail business models...
  13. friedmikey

    SRAM FORCE is out !

    It's amazing how much you all get worked up about a groupset... any groupset.
  14. friedmikey

    Bike Cases for Airline Travel

    Trico Iron Case is sort of the standard.
  15. friedmikey

    Power tap or wheels

    You'll probably have to contact one of the moderators/administrators to change your username. Here's a list of mods and admins:
  16. friedmikey

    Any Bike shop owners here?

    A very good friend of mine owns a bike shop. I can tell you that it's hard. Definitely a labor of love; not the way to make millions. I'm sure there are rewards, such as independence, a fun culture, controlling your own destiny, being in an industry you love, etc, but there are many...
  17. friedmikey

    stem too long

    Eh? Don't you mean fingertips should just touch the stem?
  18. friedmikey

    Mavic Kyserium Wheel Question

    Not a bad idea to put a small strip of tape across the valve hole though (with a hole punched through, of course). I've seen a number of flats from the sharp-ish edge of the hole on Ksyriums.
  19. friedmikey

    Giant carbon frames will break

    I didn't crash my TCR Zero per se, but I did hit a big pothole hard enough to knock the whole front end loose (headset, fork, stem...) and destroy both front and rear Ksyrium SLs. I was worried about the frame and fork, so I sent them back to Giant. They were under absolutely no obligation to...
  20. friedmikey

    Freewheel on fixed hub?

    I'd be happy to buy a freewheel-specific hub. Can you tell me of one that is Record-quality, 120mm spacing, single speed, 32 hole, preferably not threaded on the opposite side (not flip-flop)?