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  1. kermitFrost

    Bikes and beer.

    It's a simple analogy in my opinion, so look. Most sportsmen can be classified as real men, right? And beer is advertised as a drink for real men. So it's obvious that cyclists drink beer, haha. All joking aside, cyclists or men who do physical activities usually feel the need to wind down a...
  2. kermitFrost

    Training problem...

    Indeed, you should take some time off. The flu is not something you want to joke with, and it might aggravate if you force yourself to go cycling and if don't rest properly until it is over. Also you won't be able to train properly, and give it all while sick. Better safe than sorry, mate.
  3. kermitFrost

    Commuting In The Rain

    I'm always afraid of cycling during rainy days. My immunity is pretty low and I tend to catch colds pretty frequently to be honest. If I cycle during the rain not only that I'll sweat a lot (which tends to happen naturally regardless of weather) but I'll also get wet from the rain and there's...
  4. kermitFrost

    What The Best Types Of Carbohydrates

    Complex carbs are the best type of carbohydrates you can eat, which also increase your energy throughout the day and keep you full for longer. Complex carbs include stuff like brown rice, veggies and cereal such as oats. Some carbs before and after a training session or a competition can...
  5. kermitFrost

    Use of stationary bicycles?

    What does everyone in here think about using stationary bikes as a way of training endurance for actual cycling? It's freezing cold in here and with snow around it's pretty difficult to get out of the house regularly and cycle. As I go to the gym regularly I was thinking about adding half an...
  6. kermitFrost

    Will Cycling Help Me With My Hyperhidrosis?

    I don't think it will help you with hyperhidrosis. I have the same issue as you, and I constantly sweat no matter how much activity I've been doing. Cycling/Gym don't seem to make any difference to me, I've been exercising for half a year religiously and I still sweat a lot.
  7. kermitFrost

    Balanced Diet

    Most of the daily calories should come from protein, and carbs & fat around the same amount for a balanced, healthy diet. Sports require protein for muscle maintenance and building. Also, cutting out most of the sugar is great, as it brings no nutritional benefits, they are empty carbs.
  8. kermitFrost

    What Muscle Groups Should I Train To Make Bicycling Uphill Easier?

    Going to the gym doesn't only help with cycling, but also with day to day life. Not to mention it makes you look and feel so much better. You should do Barbell Squats, as they work nearly all the muscles in the legs and they basically make you stronger in every possible way. Find a great...
  9. kermitFrost

    Cheap Vs Expensive Bike !

    Indeed, new bikes might often be hard to get used to. Joe, considering that you are going to stay in Germany for 14-15 years and you are going to cycle all this time, I think that it's in your best interest to invest in a good bike which will serve you well in this period of time. Grab a solid...
  10. kermitFrost

    Good Water Bottle?

    I'm using a bland black water bottle bought from Lidl and it's still as good as the first day I bought it. Doesn't leave any taste in the water and it keeps it fresh. I'm not too picky on this.
  11. kermitFrost

    Do You Smoke?

    Yes, I do smoke regularly, but a pack can last me for two or three days, and while it's definitely not healthy and greatly expensive, it can help with socialization and it offers a pleasure quite distinct from any other type of pleasure you can find. There's something oddly satisfying about...
  12. kermitFrost

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Hey guys, I'm new here as well. I'm currently a student in Romania, and I find that cycling is severely underrated in here, as there are not many people who are used to it. Lately, we've had marches all around the country in order to grab the attention of more people and to popularize this...