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  1. Cycler6n

    Cycling Photos from the 'Golden Days'

    this website also has some brilliant old photos, one of my fav websites
  2. Cycler6n

    dogs that chase us

    anyone else get chased often? i get chased all the time, and not by small dogs, its always a rotweiler or something. once there were trees on both sides of the road, and lots of them. all of a sudden, heard a young girl screach "no, get back here!" and then i heard running and looked back and...
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    Waugh Design

    im not too fond of it, and i would much rather trust a bike with hubs/spokes/seat stay, but it is a neat concept
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    Caught in the Rain

    that happened to me, i was coming home and i got stuck in the worst weather. it was like being in a shower with the massage setting on, and then it started thundering and there was lightning, i got SOAKED. went home, hung the shorts and jeresey up to dry, and dried the bike w/ a towel and...
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    tire question

    no, why similer problem?
  6. Cycler6n

    tire question

    theres an elevated area in my tire, when i spin it, i notice the tire isn't "level" all the way through. its not worn, i don't think, and the rim isn't bent, what could it be? i let the air out, and refilled it, and its still there, is it worn out? could it have been from hitting a pothole?
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    i need a new chain

    casette and chainring are both not worn, so were good, thx for the help!
  8. Cycler6n

    i need a new chain

    mine's good and worn, it'll sometimes pop out of gear when i romp on it, or clack around when i shift. I had it checked out, its just worn, nothin else wrong. What are some chains you guys had that were good? anything i should look out for while riding before i get the new one put on(as im still...
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    When Should I Replace A Helmet?

    I replace mine about every two years, or whenever they are damaged badly or just need a replacement
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    so who do you think is going to win the tour??

    i was talking about it with some guys i was out riding with, they all had different opinions. i have no clue who is going to. What do you guys think?
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    It's been awhile!

    GOOD! keep it up, you'll get there, don't lose hope.
  12. Cycler6n

    It's been awhile!

    Stop smoking, get on your bike, and eat right. Start slow, once you get going, it'll all be downhill from there. Keep on the forum and let us know how your doing.
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    Cleaning Shifter?

    what do you mean by user/shop maintenance?
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    so i tried energy gel

    I've even heard marmalaid sandwhiches are good, loaded with sugar i can see why. I think i like the idea of fig newtons, the taste isn't bad, their quick, not sticky, and have enough calories to help out. I wonder, sounds stupid, but if i could learn how to make my own fruit bars or gronola bars...
  15. Cycler6n

    so i tried energy gel

    i bought some of that energy gel, tried it out on a ride. It helped a little, but nothing great. It wasn't really a long or tuff ride, so i can't really judge it. Has anyone else had any experience with it? How'd it work?
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    So i feel like an idiot

    Well, he's right to an extent, my chain is SUPER dirty, and needs to be cleaned or changed.
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    So i feel like an idiot

    So i was out riding, and i upshifted my chainring and held it down to long, and my chain fell off, it scratched my crank a little bit, but not bad, but i got chaingrease on my hands, which got on my shift levers, i washed it off (the levers), but will it leave anything on it that will...
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    Got my first road bike today

    congrats! enjoy it!
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    Shimano electric shifters?

    same here. i let other people test em out, take in feedback, and then test em out and decide for myself if i want them. has anyone here actually tried them out?
  20. Cycler6n

    Shimano electric shifters?

    i personally wouldn't trust em. but thats just me