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  1. divinemaredi

    Buying first bike

    Wow, 20 bikes? That's impressive, guess I should consider buying things online from now...
  2. divinemaredi

    Cycling glasses

    Wow, I've never heard of ONOS bifocal, I'll go check that out!
  3. divinemaredi

    Crash sensor

    I've recently heard about a helmet crash sensor that contacts your family or close friends once it senses that you've had an accident, thought it was quite cool and was wondering if anyone has ever used it before?
  4. divinemaredi

    Cool turn signals for bikes

    So I was just searching for recent technological devices for bicycles and I landed on this cool website that mentions something I've never even thought of: turning signals for bikes! Epic isn't it? Have you heard of such a thing, want it, seen it or perhaps even used before? Share your...
  5. divinemaredi

    What's your plans for next month?

    We are heading to July very quickly, and before it hits, I'd like to know what plans you have for it, either sitting at home, cycling by the countryside, night riding, purchasing of new cycling gadgets, or anything, just post it on this thread and let us know...
  6. divinemaredi

    Banana seats!

    I agree, it's a very "beautiful seat for sure"
  7. divinemaredi

    Have you used an automatic lube dispenser?

    Honestly, I only found out about an automatic lube dispenser recently and apparently it's for the "lazy mechanics out there" but I reckon it's really efficient and convenient to use, but I'd like to know what you think about it, and if you currently have one, here a picture of one:
  8. divinemaredi

    Do you report potholes?

    Well, in my country: No. Not at all, but the roads are maintained annually so that minimises an increased amount of potholes developing, so I guess that helps.
  9. divinemaredi

    Do you ride knowing it's going to rain ?

    Just like the others, it really depends. But I would, if it's not too windy, stormy or dark. So I pretty much don't mind a light drizzle.
  10. divinemaredi

    Is road cycling dangerous?

    I reckon road cycling isn't that dangerous, but this likely depends on a lot of factors such as time of day, safety features installed on the bike and speed...
  11. divinemaredi

    Best bike to use for work commute in la

    Well, here is a source that shows the top 2016 City bikes for commuting: click here
  12. divinemaredi

    Can anyone recommend gear for a beginner?

    Well, I bet your well aware of getting a helmet, but one of the most overlooked protective gear are: gloves knee caps elbow pads These are the most basic for starters...And one of the most popular online stores you can check is so you might want to see what they have...
  13. divinemaredi

    Cycling glasses

    I am glad you like them, the frame is very aesthetic and appealing to the eye...
  14. divinemaredi

    Cycling glasses

    No problem, it's a pleasure to help!
  15. divinemaredi

    Best tires for urban cycling?

    I personally don't think that these are the best tyres, but I feel like they look pretty awesome (balloon tyres):
  16. divinemaredi

    Cycling glasses

    If you'd like to try them out, here's a link that will get you to the brand web page: click here Hope that helped ;)
  17. divinemaredi

    Banana seats!

    I think I'm more fond of Cruiser saddles which are more suited for long leisure rides while sitting upright, here is an example of a well-padded Cruise Saddle:
  18. divinemaredi

    Best type pedals for adventure racing

    Honestly, some designs of Speedplay Frog are quite appealing but I really haven't used them so perhaps someone else will have better input on this.
  19. divinemaredi

    Cycling glasses

    I see, well, honestly I don't use glasses myself...I don't really need them but a quick search on Google landed me on these: click here for the website
  20. divinemaredi

    How much should i pay for a cycling helmet?

    Well, if buying online is not a problem for you, then you might want to check online at amazon, they have some good quality products and the best part is reading the reviews which are very informative