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  1. cydewaze

    Trek 5200,5500 riders

    My 1993 OCLV decals held up fairly well, just a few spots missing from normal wear and tear. The new OCLV only has 2 decals. "Trek" on either side of the downtube. We'll see how those hold up over time (assuming I keep the bike).
  2. cydewaze

    Ultegra Gearing - Can you Customize?

    I guess you have to ask yourself how much you use a 53x12 in the first place. I'm currently speccing out a new bike for my wife and we'll be going with the 50/34 compact double and 12-27 cassette. Won't know how it'll turn out until she rides it, but I suspect she'll prefer it over her current...
  3. cydewaze

    Leg Pain After Switch to Clipless Pedals

    I had a similar issue last season, and I solved it with a couple of LeWedges on the offending shoe. Tomorrow I have an app't to get a professional cleat fitting, so we'll see how well I guessed.
  4. cydewaze

    Speed Cameras

    They sell this stuff that you spray on your license plates (photoblocker or something) that increases the reflectiveness of the plate and obscures the image for the red light cameras. I haven't tried it, because I'm the sort of person who will lock up the brakes (and probably one day get...
  5. cydewaze

    I want new WHEELS.

    I'm demo'ing a pair of wheels for the next week or so. So far, I like, and they look nice too.
  6. cydewaze

    How many people cycle because of you?

    I picked 1-3. My wife started riding because of me, and while I've had several friends/coworkers purchase bikes because of me, I think most of them have become coat hangers. I bought my mom a bike for mothers day around 10 years ago. She rode it once and it's been collection dust in her...
  7. cydewaze

    Your fastest top speed
  8. cydewaze

    What kind of bike do you have?

    Finally got my Alpinestars built back up after several years of the bare frame hanging on a hook.
  9. cydewaze

    Spinergy Rev-X

    I have a pair of Rev-X's as well. They aren't good for my style of riding, so I plan to take advantage of Spinergy's trade-in program. You provide photographic evidence of the destruction of the wheels, and Spinergy will sell you a current wheelset at something like 40% off retail. That...
  10. cydewaze

    death penalty in Arnold´s land

    Maybe it's because of which state the person committed the crime in. Not all states have the death penalty.
  11. cydewaze

    Is DEDA or Fisk bar tape any good??

    My problem isn't so much comfort as it is wear. I go through the cork tape pretty quickly, and the tape I used for years (the vinyl stuff with the little pinholes) that used to last ages and clean easily, is nowhere to be found.
  12. cydewaze

    death penalty in Arnold´s land

    If you're trying to say there's no correlation between the death penalty and crime rates, I agree. You can find countries both with and without the death penalty that have low crime rates, and vice versa.
  13. cydewaze

    What pressure do you pump your tires to?

    110-115 for my Contis. Max is 120.
  14. cydewaze

    death penalty in Arnold´s land

    That's an interesting point. If the death penalty was an effective deterrent, the states (speaking of the US for this example) that implemented it should have drastically lower crime rates than those that do not, but that's not the case. I don't think there's any appreciable difference in...
  15. cydewaze

    death penalty in Arnold´s land

    Yeah it's lame, but I think the problem is that appeals can get denied for life-in-prison people, but they're automatic for death penalty people. The trials also cost more (maybe lawyers charge more to defend capital cases? Kinda like the way your doctor charges you more for services when he...
  16. cydewaze

    SRAM Chain Opinions?

    That only works some of the time. I added a SRAM link to my wife's chain, and the 9-sp SRAM link was wider than the Shimano link it replaced. Result: Link got caught on the front derailleur and stopped her cranks in mid pedal stroke. It's a good idea, just check carefully after you do the...
  17. cydewaze

    death penalty in Arnold´s land

    I can agree with that, but unfortunately, we've got ourselves a system (in the US at least) where executing someone has become just as expensive (even more expensive in some states) as keeping them in prison for life. IMO we need to address why we have so many people in prison in the first...
  18. cydewaze

    death penalty in Arnold´s land

    Not really correct, as implying that they're pro abortion means that they'd want everyone to have an abortion. They are in favor of individuals being able to make their own decision on abortion rather than having the government make it for them. It's like calling someone "pro religion" for...
  19. cydewaze

    Road shoes for my W-I-D-E feet

    Did you try Specalized yet?
  20. cydewaze

    So What Is Up With This ****?

    Don't feel bad. I ride a high-end road bike and most of them never wave at me either. Sometimes I think they don't see me because they are staring in agony at the pavement a few feet in front of them, wishing the ride was over so they could sprawl out on the couch and catch a ball game on TV.