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  1. llfsa

    Stationary Bikes

    It's a completely different experience and in my opinion in no way comparable to the joys of actually riding outdoors. I've used them before a few months after I broke my leg because I was in no condition to take mine for a spin.
  2. llfsa

    Do You Crave A New Bike?

    For me it's the other way around, I often feel bad for even thinking about replacing my perfectly functional older bike for a newer one.
  3. llfsa

    Can Cycling/sitting Too Much Kill You?

    As long as you have a proper riding position and saddle the only thing that could kill you is really not cycling enough.
  4. llfsa

    Riding With Prescription Glasses / Sunglasses?

    Generally speaking regular glasses are fine, but if you are willing to get prescription glasses than get ones that are UVA or at the very least UVB and preferably polarised.
  5. llfsa

    Can I Take Up Professional Cycling At 27?

    Don't listen to the discouraging comments. If you are a determined kind of person everything can be achieved through hard work!
  6. llfsa

    Beginner. How Often Should I Train?

    You don't need to restrain yourself to pre-made plans. Gauge your body signals and see what works best for YOU. A lot of people ignore this and it's the reason why there are so many different plans and beliefs.
  7. llfsa

    why does it feel like i ****** my self after 15 minutes in the saddle?

    Well, that doesn't seem normal even if the saddles are plain rubbish. I'd take Corzhens' advice and have a doctor look at it.
  8. llfsa

    Balanced Diet

    To be honest, protein shakes all look a bit dodgy to me. I'm not going to question their quality but for some reason I just don't trust them. I have a very balanced diet and I never felt like I needed artificial reinforcements.
  9. llfsa

    Why People Hate Cyclists/bikers

    I think there is nothing more to it than common sense really. Do you feel like you are making a driver/cyclist mad? Give way as soon as it's safe. Sure there are a lot of dickheads but just don't go wasting your energies on them, the less you care the better off you'll be.
  10. llfsa

    Need A Mountain Bike

    Thanks for your reply. I am 5'10" and weigh 161lbs, I am a decent rider though not extremely fit but have no trouble handling bigger bikes if that's what you mean. I will definitely be using it around tow paths but I would like to make it suitable for all kinds of terrain. My last bike had no...
  11. llfsa

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Hi everyone, I am a computer engineer living in Manchester, UK and I am pondering about getting a new bike to keep my passion for cycling alive!
  12. llfsa

    Bike Riding To Better Myself

    Biking has done for me what most therapists couldn't. It's amazing the good it does for you
  13. llfsa

    Need A Mountain Bike

    Nothing too fancy, but strong enough so I won't need to replace it any time soon. I'm willing to stretch it as far as 700£. The only thing I need is for it to be very comfortable for long duration courses, also I would prefer something lighter.