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  1. bradg

    Accuracy of Normalized Power for shorter durations

    I was looking at some data from a crit I did not long ago, and checked the 60-second average--540W, although it being a race, there were a few spikes in there (the highest being 1024W). I was pedaling for ~80% of the duration and the VI was 1.26. The normalized power for this block of 60-seconds...
  2. bradg

    Clarification of how progress works...or doesn't

    I've plowed through nearly 30 pages of the "It's killing me but..." thread, and finally concluded that maybe it'd be wise to just ask a few pointed questions here. I realize this may be repetitive, but even if I could find everything I'm seeking via the search function, it's all pretty spread...
  3. bradg

    Zone confusion and other things

    I've been riding seriously for close to a year; started on the track (we have a "velodrome" that's not a total disaster but isn't anything great) last April, and then started riding a legit road bike--as opposed to cruising around on my track frame--back in June. Got a power meter from a guy a...
  4. bradg

    prepping for cyclocross

    Is there any benefit in riding (or perhaps even racing) mountain bikes in preparation for cyclocross season? I'm fairly new to cycling and have raced road, track, and 'cross; easily CX has been my favorite, so I was curious if anyone has had success incorporating MTN bike training as a CX racer.
  5. bradg

    2-second power & 20-second power almost the same

    I was testing my 30-second power output over the weekend, and repeatedly, I noticed in the Training Peaks analysis that my 2-second power was pretty close to my 20-second power: 970 watts vs 902 watts. I weigh 80kg. Is this a normal relationship between the two durations? I've been told it's...