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  1. defeattheapexbat

    How To Use Bike Rack

    I have to admit my full on noobieness here. I went to park my bike at work this morning and I couldn't figure out how to do it. *insert shameface here* Here's a pic I pulled off the internet showing how our bike rack looks (nobody ever uses it, so I have no experience to go off of). I know I...
  2. defeattheapexbat

    Difficulty Sleeping After A Hard Ride

    Sadly, for a number of reasons I haven't been able to ride very often this winter. Over the past four months I've gotten out maybe 20 times. Now that we have an extra hour of daylight in the evenings, I'm trying to get back up to the 3-5 rides a week I had been doing last year. My LBS has a...
  3. defeattheapexbat

    Mounting A Backpack To Bicycle

    I have a large Ortleib backpack (1800 cubic inches) that I ride with every day loaded with stuff I need. The bag is very comfortable on my back, but I've discovered that wearing this bag may be contributing towards pain and numbness in the Perineum area. I'd like to try riding without weight on...
  4. defeattheapexbat

    What Is The Deal With The Top Tube Protection

    I have noticed some people using some kind of pads around their bikes top tube. Why is this needed? or in what way is this useful? I think I have seem made it out of leather, and rubber. What is the story behind it? Thank you in advance for the education on this topic.
  5. defeattheapexbat

    Keep Trek 820 Or Move Up?

    I am looking forward to riding again; I just love it! A little background on what have, and how I ride: A trek 820, with street tires. I love this bike, because it's strong, and since I put street tires on it in October, it's pretty fast for me. I ride almost exclusively on paved city...