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  1. drfish

    extra small frame

    I need your collective help. As a family we have toured for most of the summer for the last 10 years. My youngest at the age of 11 is short in stature but tall in bicycle experience, having toured since she could sit on a bike seat on the tag along, tandem and solo bike. Problem is that she...
  2. drfish

    Proper seat height??

    I think a good starting point is just low enough that your hips do not rock when riding. I thinks shops are great but if it feels good, do it. :o
  3. drfish

    Numb Finger's

    Do all of your fingers go numb?
  4. drfish

    WOW! Check this anti cyclist ranter!

    This guy is great, I am no shrink but I do think this guy has problems.
  5. drfish

    Why were you banned :confused:
  6. drfish

    Touring on a road bike?

    Not knowing what the actual model of cannondale you have its a little hard. If it is a short wheel based, tight road frame, without braze ons buy a trailer of some sort. There is a large wheeled, trailer where the gear is hung in bag off an intergrated rack, might be worth looking at. Do a...
  7. drfish

    Building up to a tour. A few questions:

    Welcome to the world of touring I hope you like it as much as I do.... 5. Many will disagree but I never use riding shorts, or at least not on tour, I find that plain old nylon shorts dry fast, allows me pockets to carry stuff and I must of just gotten used to riding with normal cloths, I...
  8. drfish

    Touring on a road bike?

    I have been amazed at what I see on the trans am. I have seen lots of guys riding road bikes with really narrow tires pulling bobs, they seem to do just fine. The keep your legs, knees and other body parts in good shape for when your old you could look into a big rear block, you may need a...
  9. drfish

    Winter's gone! How much winter weight did you gain?

    Sadly winter is not gone where we live, thought we could ride today but another 2 inches of snow fell today. :mad:
  10. drfish

    Head's up, Pacific Coast/Vancouver!

    I predict it will rain and that you will have a life changing experience. Its a great trip, have done all of it a few times and some of it many many times. Do you have any specific questions? :confused:
  11. drfish

    Jack of all Trades Bike?

    A specialized tri-cross expert may be just what you want, take a look.