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  1. Mr. Beanz

    Big Fish Story Guy at Work

    So I started a new job way cool. I ran into a guy who started talking bikes. Old MTB but yet likes to ride. I can respect that. We had a good chat. Turns out I'm a little more involved than he is. But he brings up a friend in another department who talks bikes really often. So he...
  2. Mr. Beanz

    I've got Orange Nipples

    Been very hot so I've been trying various electrolyte powders to take along on rides. Pedialyte Sport, Liquid IV, Propel, G Zero, and a couple others. I read a review last night about the G Zero mix AFTER I bought a box of G Zero mix. The review listed it as one of the worst...
  3. Mr. Beanz

    Convinced ebikes more effort to ride than pedal bikes

    Today proves that riding ebikes is harder to ride and takes more effort. Today, hot day 100 plus degrees. I saw a few people actually pedaling bikes. I saw ZERO people riding ebikes where ebikes usually outnumber pedal bikes 4 to 1. Today, no ebikes. Pretty sure because it takes so...
  4. Mr. Beanz

    What is it with Wally World and Women?

    Seems when women go to Wally World, they feel like doing sexy things. Heck Gina didn't even wait to get out of the car and already her tits were out.
  5. Mr. Beanz

    Jacuzzi after Bike Ride?

    Who else enjoys a dip in the jacuzzi after a bike ride? I always enjoy a night dip with Gina in the community jacuzzi during the later hours. Very relaxing and fun but make sure the night security doesn't slip in unnoticed. Seems he got a little topless show one night when we weren't...
  6. Mr. Beanz

    Gave up my Instagram

    So I enjoyed Instagram, posting pics of bike rides, bikes, guitars, and even pics of Gina I sexy clothes. She's very shy so seeing her dress upp a little or should I say dress down was a little fun. But got too the point whenever I posted a pic of her I'd get 20 messages from foreigners...
  7. Mr. Beanz

    Are My BEANZ Too BIG ???

    So I wanted a hat to wear before and after my rides. I bought a Nike and UA but I liked them too much to get dirty so I opted for a Beanz hat. Embroidered at the Lids shop where I bought it. Way overpriced too and I really didn't like it. I should have taken it back seeing the embroidery guy...
  8. Mr. Beanz

    Helllllooooo....hello ooo oooo oooh!

    Do people still post here? Other than spammers and posters trying to advertise product in their posts? I mean actual posters that ride.
  9. Mr. Beanz

    Question about calories for heavy riders

    So, this is info from Strava. I have shown high numbers of burned calories on strava over a period of years. A buddy has commented that he thinks the number if way off. I entered my weight into strava so the only thing I can think of for the high numbers is that I outweigh ALL of my ride...
  10. Mr. Beanz

    What is that thing on the forks?

    Watching the TDF, and a couple other pro races, I see a vinyl looking wrap on the forks. Seems there could be some kind of device under the wrap. Any ideas of what it is?
  11. Mr. Beanz

    Am i the only one who doesn't want a fancy bike?

    So my bud and I were out for a ride the other day. I have a Madone, built my own wheels, he has a Cannondale, sweet looking bike, deep carbon rims. I told him my bike, a 2014 is looking kind of classic compared to the bikes nowadays. I told him I was on a group ride last year and some dude said...
  12. Mr. Beanz

    Xoss tracking gpr unit inexpensive vs garmin

    Many people asking about cycling computers over the years. I have a Garmin Edge 500 from back in 2012 for $250. Does the job, nothing fancy and I do not use cadence or HR monitors so it is pretty basic. But I read about this XOSS model, does the same thing, and more. It does not have temp which...
  13. Mr. Beanz

    On the days you don't want to ride your bike, play a guitar!

    Ha ha ha just messing around with the electric acoustic. Tuned the guitar down half a step for this one. :D ...and the ending of this song is actually Lying Eyes from the Eagles. I couldn't remember how this song ends but it's similar so I just used this one. :p
  14. Mr. Beanz

    Calling for a ride (ever?)

    I don't carry my phone on rides as I ride most miles on the trail and with friends often. I do ride on the roads at night and I will carry my phone in case of an emergency. Much harder to fix a mechanical in the dark. :D But even when I ride in the mountains I don't carry my cell as the road we...
  15. Mr. Beanz

    Brake pads (rim roadie)

    Having used rim brakes all my life, I continue to use them and hope to never HAVE to switch with all the new tech today. I am perfectly happy and never had a problem stopping. Not even on descents at 40 MPH being a heavier Clydesdale cyclist. So speaking of rim brakes, I never understood...
  16. Mr. Beanz

    Biggest or toughest climb or ride ???

    Saw this on another forum and thought I'd post it here. I did see a few responses that included the rides I have done. :D I have 2 toughest climbing rides to my credit. Other than Mt Baldy a couple hundred times as training rides for these rides. The toughest would be Breathless Agony. The...
  17. Mr. Beanz

    I want you all to know..........

    I want you all to know that I am a Shimano dude! Even my pillow cases and sheets are Shimano blue. :p Actually, I found a pack of 5 brakes shoes on ebay for $40. Had one so now I have 6 sets. Now I just need to find the motivation to put them on ha ha ha! :D
  18. Mr. Beanz

    Some cyclists don't get it! average speed

    I was chatting with a friend on facebook, a female friend. She rode with the group I rode with a few months ago. We are also friends on Strava so I see her rides. I brought up a gal that was a new rider back then, that has improved a lot. I mentioned the gal had improved her average to a 15.8...
  19. Mr. Beanz

    Sure loves me sum ebay

    So easy and can find just about anything cycling related. Like the brakes. I can find them at the shop for about $15-$19, way overpriced. Here I get 5 pair for $40 and I can find more than one set vs lucky to find one in the shop. The bell. I like a bell because it's easier than shouting ahead...
  20. Mr. Beanz

    Oh my gosh, aren't you cold ???

    One thing that I like about cycling is that I believe it acclimates one to their surroundings. If one cycles in 105 temps, the heat on a usual day doesn't affect you much while others are passing out sitting in air conditioned rooms. :D Then the cold, cycling in bike shorts on cold days, seems...