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  1. Scarpelli

    Sheryl and Lance call it quits

    My first thought was she failed the drug test. :rolleyes: Am I the only one who doesn't give a **** about anyone's personal life??
  2. Scarpelli

    What were your best efforts on a bike?

    I think back at my best efforts in the saddle, and they don't all relate to wins, (although my '02 district TT win was satisfying.) My most memorable effort was in the Huntsman World Senior Games road race a few years ago, in a six-man break. Another rider and I went off the back on "the wall"...
  3. Scarpelli

    Campy's $2800 disposable wheels

    I'm an old Category 2 and I own four sets of high end carbon wheels; three sets of Zipps and a set of Campagnolo Hyperon tubular wheels. The Hyperons are fabulous; light, smooth, stiff yet comfy, and durable. There's one problem. If you damage a rim and have to replace it, you can't. I have a...