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    Cycling Joke From Ratatouille

    haha that would be for sure!
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    Joke of the day

    haha good one!
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I'm from Canada and a stay at home mom with two kids :) I work from home and recently started cycling to get back into shape. Its such an amazing stress reliever!! I would love to do a race one day :)
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    Domestic violence

    I agree fighting doesn't solve anything. I think some people just don't know how to handle their emotions but I'm strongly against violence. I wish it was something that would get better but in our society I just see this progressing even worse which is really sad.
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    In The News Jokes.

    Hahaha jakelamotta I'm still laughing at your joke
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    fun never ends

    Haha this is just what I needed today, some silly good old jokes. I loved a lt of these!
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    Chain Jokes (example Provided)

    Q: Why is air a lot like sex? A: Because it's no big deal unless you're not getting any.
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    What a way to go!

    hahaha this was good! I haven't heard a joke in a while where I laughed until now lol
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    Dog joke

    I had to read this a few times before I understood lol. I didn't find this very funny..
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    What kind of cake do you like?

    Vanilla! mmm
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    I'm strongly against guns in general so riding with a gun just sounds plain stupid to me. Guns are to incredibly dangerous and there's way to many "accidents" because of your lose gun laws. It just sounds like trouble waiting to happen.
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    fun never ends

    hahah I laughed at this one as well!
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    Lady Commuters

    I've thought about biking to work as well but then I think it would take me an hour to get there and chances are id be pretty sweaty by the time I got there especially in the summer and I would be uncomfortable all day!
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    Sun Protection Whilst Riding?

    I'm a redhead also and very fair skinned so I always make sure to wear long sleeves if I can and I wear sun screen where skin is showing. I also try to ride early in the morning or in the afternoon just before the sun goes down, its not as hot and strong at those times and its much more...
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    Cycling Weekend

    Really nice!
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    Pro's Lane

    haha that's too funny. I wouldn't attempt it, especially since I cant swim I would be to scared being that close to the edge.
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    Idea For An App - Would Cyclists Find This Useful?

    That sounds like a great idea. I love the idea of it when my husband is out cycling so if he's late getting home I know where he is and if he's safe.
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    What Muscles Does Bike Riding Exercise?

    When exercising you are losing weight everywhere. As long as you get your heart rate up it helps the whole body however in regards to muscles you would be working your leg muscles, ham strings, calf's and the heart.
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    Some Drivers Are Just Stuck In The Past...

    I personally have never encountered anything like this but I have heard many stories just like this. I try not to ride on the road if I don't have to only because I am scared being so close to the cars. I'm not very trusting of drivers these days, there are way to many accidents and pedestrians...
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    Encouraging our Children to Cycle?

    I think that's absolutely ridiculous! Children should be out on their bikes and getting exercise. I find children these days are becoming more lazy and over weight and there's no excuse for it! I have noticed however, children who ride their bikes all over the road and have no regard for the...