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  1. hod65

    Bike Weight

    the thread started off asking the question about weight and performance ,?
  2. hod65

    What do you guys think of people who jog in bike lanes?

    recently got a bit of a telling off for not having a bell to ring when passing a walker on a path used for cyclists and pedestrians thought my fulcrum 7s were loud enough for anyone to hear ,i always slow down to a crawl when encountering anyone especialy if theres children .... spose it s a...
  3. hod65

    Bike Weight

    supose the best way would be to leave your repair kit and water bottle at home and cycle up the the same hill the next day see if its easier ,personly i think your form varies from time to time this has a bigger impact than a few pounds lighter on on a particular day .....
  4. hod65

    How Cold and Wet Does It Have To Be Before you Cancel A Bike Ride?

    just came out of a freeze here in ireland down to -15 at nite off the bike for bout 2 wks impossible to go with ice on roads never mind the cold ,it actualy jumped nearly 20 degres in a 12 hour period when the thaw came was out the last couple of days bit wet but great to be back on the road...
  5. hod65

    How Cold and Wet Does It Have To Be Before you Cancel A Bike Ride?

    i think once your out and it starts raining i fin d you will kep going but if its raining bfore you start most times give it a miss would be more put off by icy roads nerly lost it on a decent last christmas new underpants moment
  6. hod65

    Do I really need Fancy Pedals and Shoes?

    only started useing clipins shoes 6 wks ago didnt notice any advantage at the start but as your musles get used to them they make a good improvement ,climbing in particular once your comfortable cliping in and out theres no hassle sometimes its hard to get cliped back in when taking off i found...
  7. hod65

    Are new wheels worth it?

    fullcrum 7 came with my focus are these wheels considered good is there much diference to the fullcrum 3 wheels
  8. hod65

    forgot i was clipped in

    just got mine 4 days ago making a consious effort to remember to clip out i find trying to clip in after a stop hit and miss as the ped does not line up sometimes hopefully this will improve with time? cant imagine what it must be like starting off on ahill
  9. hod65

    free wheel

    have a very noisy freewheel on the fulcrum wheels is it possible to adjust these in any way to reduce the noise ,its like reeling in a20lb salmon ...
  10. hod65

    What beer do you drink?

    have to go for the guiness not bad for getting the calories in after a long ride thats my excuse and im sticking to it :p
  11. hod65

    On the road today....

    did not bring camera just got a pic with sean on my phone not a great camera on the phone unfortunatly some pics on utube of the event sean kelly tour of waterford ...think there was bout 1500 did the 160 ,hit the wall at about 140 km but struggled on may not have eaten enough just ran out of energy
  12. hod65

    On the road today....

    completed the sean kelly tour of waterford 2 wks ago my first 160 km ,4 climbs two cat1 went in at deep end i supose pure torture but enjoyable met the great man himself as he rode along with us great event though ...its an anual event bueatiful scenery south of ireland
  13. hod65

    Recommendations for new tires?

    wil stick with the contis they allso feel a bit better in corners ...thanks for opinion
  14. hod65

    Recommendations for new tires?

    while on the topic of tyres new focus came with 25 m continental sport have schawlbe blissard 23m on my other bike would it be worth swaping the swawlbes to the focus ,would it make a difference speedwise any in put please
  15. hod65

    Recovery Ride Ruined by Ego

    sounds like a nice route presume there not much climbing involved kilkeny great city
  16. hod65

    Cycling Books

    prety good read ;rough ride; byb paul kimage who is an irish cylist from the eighties insight in to the doping etc of the time aswell as his exspiercences of the tour and the hardships involved ....
  17. hod65

    new bike

    hope it looks as good as the porto recan woman now
  18. hod65

    new bike

    picking up a focus cayo 105 next week ,anyone out there exspecting new rides shortly it would be interesting to get first impressions on the forom ...this will be my first carbon frame :cool:
  19. hod65

    Strange Feeling Below??

    i think the saddle may be the answer if everything else is right after all thats the contact point for your rear end just my own exspirience the cut out made a significant difference
  20. hod65

    Attacked by a bird of prey whilst on my bike....

    just recently had a bee run straight through the vent in my helmit felt it bussing in there must have beaten the record for removing helmit before the sting :eek: