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  1. StillRiding5500

    Clothing Question

    Thanks! I just ordered a set.
  2. StillRiding5500

    Clothing Question

    My received a Discovery Channel jersey for my 50th Birthday today, and I was wondering about where I could buy the matching bib shorts. I know, I'm being a poser. I usually don't wear pro team gear but it is a gift, and I promise not to look too embarrassing! So, does anyone know where I...
  3. StillRiding5500

    Heart Rate Question

    I am trying to understand something regarding my heartrate while using a resistance trainer. I can, while riding on the rode, ride comforably with my heartrate at 145-155. My max is around 170. I ride short hills around 165. I also run and my HR is around 150-155 while running and can get it to...
  4. StillRiding5500

    POLL : Broken Trek Frames

    Please respond to this poll if you are a Trek owner. There is a poster in this forum who declares that every single one of his friends (100%) have had a Trek frame fail. Have you ever broken a Trek frame?
  5. StillRiding5500

    Head Sweat

    I happen to sweat a LOT from my head. Did I say a LOT? What I meant to say was, a LOT. Using a glove works, it just means that I have to do it about every 10 seconds. Have to remove my eye protection and put it back on. Gets old when you're trying to ride fast or in a pack. So I know about using...
  6. StillRiding5500

    Head Sweat

    I guess I really don't rub my eyes but I don't go out of my way to avoid it either. There is no burning or any other complications when using this method. I still get some sweating from my head but it's not even close to how much I had to deal with before.
  7. StillRiding5500

    Head Sweat

    I have found something that aleviates about 70% of the sweat I normally create, which goes right into my eyes. I am using Mitchum Un-Scented anti-perspirant gel, which I apply to my forehead area. No burning or other issues. Yes, I've tried all of the wonder headbands. This really works...
  8. StillRiding5500

    Airline Bike Transportation

    Does any one here have any input as to which airlines do not charge an extra fee to check in a bike in a traveling case? I twould be nice to get a list started.... Thanks in Advance.
  9. StillRiding5500

    Guy seeks input on shorts

    Well, I did buy a pair of red Castelli bibs and they do everything they are advertised to do. I don't wear them when I expect to be doing any walking or standing on a podium (never). No one needs to be subjected to that. My girlfriend likes the way I fill out cycling shorts, but she does giggle...
  10. StillRiding5500

    signaling support of a front flat

    Everything on the rear wheel is right hand and everything on the front wheel is the left. They don't reverse the brake levers in Europe, look at some racing pictures. I have seen a couple of riders in over 20 years of riding and racing that switch the brake levers. If that doesn't convince...
  11. StillRiding5500

    Don't you feel bad for joggers?

    I enjoy running. I like what it does for my mid section. No matter how much I ride, it doesn't help shrink the stomach area. But I do get some injuries from doing it. Probably because I'm starting to age. I like that you can get a good workout in a shorter period of time. Also, when...
  12. StillRiding5500

    Does anyone else do this???

    I do it......Often disappointed to find that it's a girl on a cruiser. Just kidding. I just use that jersey up the road to 1) Give me some incentive to work harder, 2) See if I know the person, 3) Maybe find someone to fight the headwind with. I am not under any illusion that if I catch...
  13. StillRiding5500

    Buying gloves and a helmet, would like advice

    The helmet choice is fine and so are the gloves. But, if you are a new rider and can ride 30 -35 mph, you should turn pro tomorrow. Or buy a cycling computer. Such an optimist!!!!! :)
  14. StillRiding5500

    equiptment for long distance ride

    I don't have any equipment advice, since I don't take long trips, but I have a feeling you going to do just fine. Best of luck to you.
  15. StillRiding5500

    Pressure Gauge: To carry or not to carry?

    Nah.....Just get it hard....but get to know what the correct hardness after using your floor pump is.
  16. StillRiding5500

    Magnet for mavic bladed spokes?

    You should be able to find it in any shop that sells Mavic wheels. That's what I did.
  17. StillRiding5500

    Track Standing on a Roadie

    I know how to do it but I just can't do it well at all. For a few seconds I look OK but after that it starts looking messy. I have a friend who can do it one handed.
  18. StillRiding5500

    Racing tactics?

    Sean could have if he had crossed the line ahead of Greg.:) Both are gods and that was a mother f------r of a race!
  19. StillRiding5500

    Campy Neutron Wheelset

    I have a set of Nucleons that i bought used, and I really like them alot. Typical Campy quality and design. The Nukes are the same as Neutrons except for the spoke finish (I think). I am 5'9" , 162#....
  20. StillRiding5500

    Prescription Eyewear

    Does anyone have an informed opinion about prescription eyewear in a wrap around style? Are inserts the way to go? What manufacturer? Please share with me your experiences....... Thanks in Advance