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  1. stokell

    Wild (Stealth) Camping in Netherlands

    I guess you should never underestimate the power of human stupidity, because I didn't know I couldn't do it, so I went ahead and did it. You might be interested in viewing my tour journal. Just as a matter of interest, stealth camping is illegal in many places. But if you do it properly you...
  2. stokell

    Pay-as-you-go Cell Phones

    Rockslayer, you are the bomb, but can you tell me what is Dutch for pay-as-you-go?
  3. stokell

    Pay-as-you-go Cell Phones

    C'est What? I'm not really a cell phone junky. I just want a cheap pay-as-you-go phone to call home to tell the family where I'm stealth camping. You can buy them here with a whack'o minutes for $CAN100. Currently I think that's about €60. Is that possible?
  4. stokell

    Pay-as-you-go Cell Phones

    I'm visiting from Canada in April. Can I buy a cheap pay as you go cell phone that I can use to call home?
  5. stokell

    eTrike for Commuting

    Hi, I live in Canada's largest city. I cycle to work year 'round and recently I have been doing 42km a day. That is really hard to do in the winter. Last month I fell off my bike. Luckily it was not into a live traffic lane, but it made me think that it could happen. I then...
  6. stokell

    Language Questions

    I'm doing the North Sea Route from Den Helder to Bolougne sur Mer, then back to Amsterdam for the flight out. How about bikes on trains. The internet says I need to buy a ticket for my bike as well as a ticket for me. The site also says I can book ahead, but I can't book a bike ahead...
  7. stokell

    Language Questions

    I'm coming to Netherlands in April. Everyone tells me the Dutch speak English, but I consider it rude to just assume that. I'm trying to learn a few phrases. Okay, I find this hard to believe but my Dutch phrase book says that 'Dank u' (Thank you), means no thanks. In English it means 'yes...
  8. stokell

    Emergency Evacuation

    My first post inquiring about what kind of disaster is important in that a bird flu pandemic may have a much different response than a forest fire. In the latter you are actually fleeing something. With the former you might be better off having a plan for self reliance. This is a touring...
  9. stokell

    Best United Kingdom tour operators?

    Hi. Britain is a great choice for a first tour. They speak English (I think!) and they are friendly. I've toured Britain many times and I've never needed a tour operator. It will probably double your costs and that means you can spend half the time there. Now I will tell you July or August...
  10. stokell

    Emergency Evacuation

    Where are you going?
  11. stokell

    WiFi in Benelux

    In Toronto, the city has wired the downtown core for WiFi. Elsewhere I can connect at cafe's and often in residential areas just pirate other people's internet access. I'm bringing my Palm E2 on the North Sea Route, should I bother buying the WiFi card for it? I imagine that I might...
  12. stokell

    Canal du Midi

    SWMBO and I are planning a tandem tour for 2009. She loves the south of France and I happened across info on Canal du Midi. We would be credit card touring, but have lots of time for planning the trip. I've been to the best travel book store in Canada and came up empty. Does anyone...
  13. stokell

    Touring Norfolk

    Sounds like fun! If I were doing this I'd check out Sustrans for routes and maps, then CAMRA. Wouldn't it be great to do Norfolk during a beer festival? I believe CAMRA also has listings of pubs which offer B&Bs, but their Good Beer Guide will let you know which are the best pubs.
  14. stokell

    Panniers VS Trailers

    That's my mantra. A couple of years ago I bought the high end Arkel panniers. They actually allow you to be not as disciplined because you can grab things from the bottom without having to pull everything out. They also have lots of pockets, so you can keep your tools and cooking utensils and...
  15. stokell

    Panniers VS Trailers

    Don't even ask! There appears to be two camps and no converts. I would never consider a trailer for touring. Junk fills the space you have. If you have no additional space, you will think carefully about carrying around that blow up swimming pool you might use if the weather is good...
  16. stokell

    North Sea Route France, Belgium, Netherlands

    I always fly the flag when I travel. Without prejudice, I find some people mistake me for an American and they may change the way they interact with me. On another topic; I always appreciate people telling me to talk to farmers and they will allow me to camp on their land. I'm sure this is...
  17. stokell

    Maps or GPS??

    I've been trying to buy a GPS for about 5 years now. First, they were just too expensive and only gave lats and longs. Then they added maps! WOW! Now some will route plan for you. Zowie! I still don't own a GPS because even the ones with all the bells and whistles have big downsides for...
  18. stokell

    Toronto: Thefts from Post and Rings

    That's why the city recommends two different types of locks, requiring different tools. I've had my Stock lock for about 2 years now and it protects a $2K bike (along with a Krypto coil). There are saw marks, hammer marks, and cutter marks all over them. One morning I was biking to the VP...
  19. stokell

    Toronto: Thefts from Post and Rings

    Hi all! Toronto cyclists may already be aware that there have been several reports of bike thefts from City of Toronto post and rings. What makes these cases unusual is that the ring has been broken and the bike stolen rather than the thief breaking the lock. The City continues to...
  20. stokell

    North Sea Route Boulogne sur Mer to Den Helder

    I'm having a bit of trouble getting good advice for this leg of the trip. I'm planning on doing it late April, early May. I've got a few questions: Has anyone done this trip and if so do you have a journal or website? Other than the official site, are there any other sites I should know...