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  1. frkm0005

    Carbon frame max weight

    LOL. I'm really being a hard-ass but if you've been following the peleton Thor Hushovd now rides the New Look 595. Awesome bike.
  2. frkm0005

    Cycle Shops - Cost v's Loyalty (merged)

    I agree with not having to spend an arm and a leg on parts. In the last 2 seasons I've spent $7000 on 2 bikes from the LBS. After purchasing the second bike this year I decided I wanted better wheels to match the other high end parts (what's the point of having a kick ass bike with so-so...
  3. frkm0005

    Satur-8 Rush for Endurance? Input please!

    I just purchased a supplement called Satur-8 Rush and on the label it states that it has "cell volumizing" ingredients. Is this a no-no in the cycling world? EPO increases the amount of red blood cells and I hope that this isn't another term for EPO. I'm new to supplements and I'm probably...
  4. frkm0005

    Helmets look stupid

    Hey alan I don't know if you have ever wiped out but I have. I wasn't racing. It didn't involve a car. Me and the asphalt and I lost. It was a corner that I took too quickly and the asphalt was in bad shape. Let's just say that even WITH my helmet I suffered a minor concussion. The right side...
  5. frkm0005

    Medial Knee Pain

    I was getting medial knee pain and it happened after I put new cleats on my shoes. The source of the problem: cleat position. I read an article that said if you're getting medial knee pain than the likely source is your cleat position. Mainly that it is positioned in a way that makes your toes...
  6. frkm0005

    Newbie needs a little help getting clipless pedals.

    The shoes and pedals really depend on what you'll be doing. The bike you have suggests that you'll be doing mostly leisure rides. In that case I suggest getting mountain shoes because they are more well suited for getting off the bike and walking whereas if you went with a road shoe you could...
  7. frkm0005

    Your favourite meal/recipe?

    It's gotta be something simple for me. I love my home made food so I'll say either a nice bowl of chicken soup after a ride on a cold afternoon, or a bowl of bow tie pasta with caggabe sauteed in olive oil with some black pepper on those better days. The cabbage is sweet and the pasta gives...
  8. frkm0005

    Which wheelset?

    I love all this feedback guys. Now I'm throwing a wrench into the mix here. I found the Ksyrium ES's for $920 CAD (about 800 US) including delivery. That's an awesome deal. The SL's are $830 CAD (about 725 US) from the same vendor. I know somebody told me that the ES's were not worth the extra...
  9. frkm0005

    Which wheelset?

    I just bought my dream bike. A Look 481 SL Jalabert edition with a Dura-Ace groupset, FSA K-Wing Handlebar, FSA OS-140 Stem and a Fizik Arione saddle. Here's the kicker. I salvaged the wheels from my old bike before I sold it which are a pair of Mavic Ksyrium Elites. I've been told i'm riding...