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  1. Wembley1

    Has anyone ever harassed you for wearing the cycling outfit?

    While I lurk and do not post, I must reply to this. I wear yellow because it is the most visible color I have found. If there are others please tell me because I know it is a bit silly to wear the leaders color at the very end of the pack.
  2. Wembley1

    Broken Rear Deraillier

    I bought a new Lemond Alpe de' Hueze one month ago. It has a Shimano Ultegra rear deraillier. Never wrecked nor dropped etc. This AM it started shifting strangely and making noise. Just as I was starting home the rear deraillier mounting arm snapped. I wondered how strong they were. However, I...
  3. Wembley1

    Helmets look stupid

    "Surely in a race they can do without them or make it a matter of choice" That is what the topic starter said. My daughter worked in rehab hospital as an OT. She saw head injuries from bike accidents. Those with helmets usually walked out after observation. Those without stood a much better...
  4. Wembley1

    Cateye® CD300DW Wireless - Anyone have experience

    I love gadgets so I tried one. Not good. The receivers/sensors were intermittant while it did not like to reset. Returned it for a Sigma 1606 L. It works very well. Also, it has a bigger display so is easier to see at glance.
  5. Wembley1

    Buying Trek 7.xx FX newbie advice

    I am new to cycling, as I was a pretty hard core runner until my right knee went permanently south. I am looking for primarily fitness and cardio on "surburban" roads. The area has a reaonable number of hills I can use, but none are long. The local Trek dealer suggests a Trek 7.xx FX series...
  6. Wembley1

    Trek 7.xx FX buying advice for newbie