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  1. albinorhino103

    AVG. Speed?

    I have a single speed BMX and i average 16 on flats, 13 on hills and probably around 25 downhill, pushing myself pretty hard i can do around 20-21
  2. albinorhino103

    Fastest time for a 1 Mile sprint

    I dont have any clue but biking fairly slow i can bike a mile in 3:30
  3. albinorhino103

    refurbishing a bike anyone?

    You sound like the type who has done this many times before!:D I have painted a GT with an enamel paint and I am wondering if it is okay to put a lacquer clear coat over the top of the enamel. Will it ruin the painting i have done?
  4. albinorhino103

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I am from Minnesota, United States. I ride BMX and am currently working on constructing a bike from the frame up.