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  1. fergie

    This is the end...

    Seems we all owe Frank Day a big apology and need a form a line to the right to swap our power meters for GimmickCranks... Effects of high-intensity training by heart rate or power in well-trained cyclists Department of Human Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences, UCT/MRC Research Unit for...
  2. fergie

    More strength training nonsense.

    Ran this past some Rowing and Kayacking coaches and they disagree about the strength demands impossed by their sports. In much the same way people claim cycling is a strength based sport when the examination of a power file will show that any event over 30seconds is hardly related to strength.
  3. fergie

    ECSS - Congress

    Some cycling related studies.... Well trained cyclists perform worse than a control after training on independent cranks. Link No benefit from performing single leg pedalling. Link More from Ronnestad on the proposed benefits of resistance training for cycling. Link
  4. fergie

    The New Spam

    Been noticing a large increase in a replies with very short comments and a link underneath to some product. Can something be done to tidy this up please.
  5. fergie

    Sort the spam out!!!

    Yet again levels of spam are increasing. Why is it such a issue to keep a lid on this?
  6. fergie

    Paper on pacing the Kilo and Pursuit

    An analysis of the pacing strategies adopted by elite athletes during track cycling Jo Corbett, In Press, Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. Abstract Purpose: To investigate pacing strategy during the 1 km time trial (TT) and 3 and 4 km individual pursuit (IP), in elite cyclists...
  7. fergie

    Very high Normalised Power from a track session

    Raced a track carnival. Lots of warming up and cooling down and four very short and intense races. Very low average power and very high Normalised Power. Of course VI through the roof. Any ideas??? Entire workout (104 watts): Duration: 1:32:56 Work: 570 kJ TSS: 155.6...
  8. fergie

    New indooor Track for Christchurch, New Zealand

    Over the next five years as it currently stands we face losing our sub standard 400m outdoor track (built for 1974 Commonwealth Games) and having it replaced with a 250m concrete outdoor facility. We haven't given up hope of getting an indoor track but need to make credible submissions on the...
  9. fergie

    Chris Hoy WR attempt

    From ... Disappointment at first attempt with a 59.103 with Chris 1 second up with one lap to go and 0.7 up with half a lap to go and then died in the last half lap. Weather was far from ideal with wind picking up and several delays. Chris is already fully recovered...
  10. fergie

    Low resistance on Elite Trainer

    Got a Elite Volare Mag Trainer with elastogel roller and find even with the resistance cranked up I spin out at 400watts. Is this common??? Is there some way of increasing the resistance?
  11. fergie

    Elite Volare Mag Trainer: Low resistance

    Got a Elite Volare Mag Trainer with elastogel roller and find even with the resistance cranked up I spin out at 400watts. Is this common???
  12. fergie

    NP from Crit

    Set a new FTP from a 60min NP in a hilly training ride and then on the weekend raced in a 20min + 3 lap criterium. RPE was frigging hard but NP was 30watts off. I notice that cadence was 0-20 for 27% off the file. Would the pedalling and some very slow corners affect the 30sec rolling ave that...
  13. fergie

    Computrainer and Sprinting

    I am coaching a sprinter who is using his Computrainer indoors to do maximal efforts. I haven't done much with Computrainers and he is finding that the trainer alters the resistance for him making it hard to do high leg speed workouts. Is there any way to do manual workouts? Also with sprint...
  14. fergie

    MAP Questions

    Did a MAP test early in the year, one mid year (after illness) and one this morning. Using a Powertap and increasing 10watts every 60 sec till could go no more. Results... MAP with Powertap Feb-06 May-06 Dec-06 Weight (kg) 91.0 88 85 FSA 0.45 0.44 0.43 Max...
  15. fergie

    Big Gear Efforts

    Tried a few big gear efforts mixed with some high frequency efforts. What I am finding is... Normal gear efforts lead to a normal power output and expected heart rate. Big gear efforts lead a much higher power output (20-40watts) at around 60rpm and a slightly higher heart rate (up 10beats)...
  16. fergie

    Stem height

    Got a new track bike but the drop from the seat to stem is too great for my fat gut. If I change the fork I will need two and a quarter inches of spacers betwen headset and stem. Is this too much? Hamish Ferguson
  17. fergie

    Suggested Race Radios

    Am about to start experimenting with race radios with the riders I coach and the Team I manage. What types of radios are people using to communicate with riders in the bunch? Are the riders using two way radios or is it just one way from the coach? If it is this or two way, is the coach using a...
  18. fergie

    Anyone here from Canberra, Australia?

    Gidday Got three riders in the NZ Team going to race in the Junior Tour of Canberra in July and was hoping someone could fill me in on the what they can expect. I know it's a crit on a very tight circuit, two road races including some pretty long climbs and a short Time Trial. It's the middle...
  19. fergie

    Best windtrainer/erg with accurate power

    Need to find a good windtrainer/erg with accurate power to do testing on for my cycling club. What's out there? What's the best and what's the most reasonably priced if the best is out of our price range. Remember we also have to get it to New Zealand. Hamish Ferguson Cycling Coach
  20. fergie

    Power improvements vs Speed improvements

    Have a new bike that is a lot lighter than my previous rig. Going up a regular climb I achieved a 1.49% improvement in power but a 4.62% increase in speed. Is such a difference to be expected and does this mean that Lance is wrong and it is about the bike? Hamish Ferguson Cycling Coach