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    2009 Tour de France route

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    McQuaid against retesting

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    Beating the bio passport

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    Japan Cup 2008 10/25-26

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    Armstrong to ride the Giro

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    KOHL caught by AFLD !

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    Vino Fired From Astana

    It happens in hospitals every day. Why do you think people donate blood to the Red Cross?
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    Rasmussen out of the tour!!!

    Those cookies would last a long time for a guy like him.
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    Soler Positive!!!

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug!
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    Stage 18 - Friday, July 27: Cahors - Angoulême, 211km

    Another crash caused by a dog. :eek:
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    Ligget is part of the problem

    In the Vs. promos for the Tour coverage they use that quotation which is from this article.
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    The real tragedy of this tour..

    Much of it would be called Germany.
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    Rasmussen out of the tour!!!
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    Rasmussen out of the tour!!!

    He admitted he was in Italy when confonted.
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    Finnish the tour or pull the plug?

    Apple pie.
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    DOPE UPDATE: Liggett & Sherwin on Prozac & Lithium

    Good advice. At least he can fall back on the non-testing sports he already commentates on.
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    New doping case revealed after stage 16?

    Already covered on another thread: