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    Coloradenses (????)
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    How not to lose fitness in the off season

    You are absolutely correct. I simply mean that it is a great place to start if you have no structured training background. It has helped me out alot but I am learning that there are many other methods that one can use.
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    6 GAP in Atlanta GA

    You actually don't need a number, or even need to register for that matter. I's not a race, and the roads are open. Many people just show up and ride. I did it last year. Paid my dues, got my number, and road along side a few people who weren't even registered. The only thing is, I would...
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    My experince with drugs and blood doping

    Armstrong's performance was already among the gods of triathletes when he was a young teenager. I suppose he was doping then too, right? Bottom line...if someone is a proven doper, you have a right to bash them. If someone is not a proven doper, don't claim to "know" that they are. And...
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    My experince with drugs and blood doping

    Yeah, and aliens have landed on earth because I saw a strange light in the sky last night. You're grasping at straws man...grasping at straws. Nobody is perfect and I'm sure that somewhere in the history of pro cycling, a medication was accidentally overlooked by a team doctor or racer. You...
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    My experince with drugs and blood doping

    Are you kidding me?? Cortisteroid, that's all you could come up with? That finding never developed into a charge and therefore his record is still clean. As far as the UCI is concerned, he has a spotless record. I choose to believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty. I'm not...
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    My experince with drugs and blood doping

    First of all, don't claim to know that Armstrong doped simply because you did and your buddies did. Bottom line is, Armstrong has been tested thousands of times and has never tested positive for anything. He was the number one most tested pro cyclist in the world and was under constant...
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    Lance should dive off a cliff!!!

    Before passing judgement, learn how to speak English. You sound like an ill-informed moron when you neglect to proof read your entry.
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    a little too late to start cycling?

    By no means is it too late! It may not seem like it to you, but 19 is still extremely young. Get with it now, train RIGHT, and not just hard, and you may be competitive while you are still in the U21 category, and you will certainly be a very good contender by the time you hit the elite's.
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    Cycling when older? probably not, right?

    First of all, you were one of the few to be selected for Juilliard. Using this opportunity and developing your musical talent can open life's doors for you in many ways, and even better, it is something that you can continue to make money at and enjoy until the day you die. Becoming a pro...
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    Whats my body telling me??

    You have overtrained to the point where just taking a day or 2 off is not going to allow for full recovery. Once you go past this point, it can take a week or more to fully recover. The same thing happened to me last season. I had just finished up a tough racing season and was a little...
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    normal fitness loss over winter?

    I doubt you lost any fitness over the winter since it sounds like you weren't really riding much to begin with. Riding one 25 mile course every couple of weeks is practically the same thing as doing nothing, so if you did ride alot in the summer and rode so little in the winter, the fitness...
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    Upgrading Categories

    This may be true for going from cat 5 to cat 4, although I have never heard of it, however it is absolutely not true for upgrading to any other category.
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    Rookie road biker needs help, please!

    Keep in mind that in a race there is alot of drafting, so doing 22-25 mph in a race is much easier than by yourself. That being said, the type of road bike you have matters very little when it comes to how fast you will be able to go, unless you do alot of time trias. For regular road racing...
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    Rookie road biker needs help, please!

    I suspect you could probably average more than 19.5 on a non-stop course, however that is still extremely slow for racing. You have at least 2 limiters from what I can see. One is your speed. True, races generally come down to sprints and may not depend on what you can avereage, however you...
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    Denver Riding Partner--Cherry Creek

    I am moving to Denver next year and am curious to know how the road racing scene is out there. The only races I have come across in that area are crits and track racing. Also, are there any decent clubs/teams out there open to non-pro racers?
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    Armstrong has been tinkered with!!

    Well now you are just getting into "What constitutes doping", from a cup of coffee all the way up to EPO and roids. I'm not going to argue the small points. Bottom line is, Armstrong has never tested positive for a banned substance. The guy practically offers his veins and urine willingly to...
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    Armstrong has been tinkered with!!

    You people baffle me. You sit around and debate every little rumor and theory that supports a doping conspiracy about Armstrong like a bunch of gossiping housewives. First of all, just shut up and ride already. Second, Armstrong was winning triathlons long before he took solely to the bike...
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    How not to lose fitness in the off season

    Ok, well short TT training is definately different than RR training, and yes slow pedaling will not improve speed, but it does as a fact speed recovery and fitness, so I still recommend doing at least a short recovery ride (zone 1 or 2) on days that you are not doing intervals, even if it is...
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    How not to lose fitness in the off season

    When I say long easy rides, I don't mean riding around aimlessly for hours at 110 bpm. I believe I generally stay in zone 3. Since my max HR is 196, that puts me at between 145 and 165 bpm for the entire ride (4 hrs). I try to stay between 155 and 165 bpm.