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  1. Bianco

    Power, really?

    If I understand their broken english correctly, the very first system, available early 2007, will have Watts available. Its just that we have to wait til the end of 2007 for it to be 100% accurate. Whatever that means... :) My guess is that they have a power measuring system similar to Polar...
  2. Bianco

    Anyone have Kurt Kinetic PM and another PM?

    Yes, I noticed that too. Please also note that I mistyped the 317 that you quoted, the correct calculation is 375. This is Kinetic formula I use: =(F4*5.24482)+(0.01968*F4*F4*F4) where F4 is avg.mph So, what does it all mean??? beats me. Means power devices aren't accurate. I...
  3. Bianco

    Anyone have Kurt Kinetic PM and another PM?

    Tonight's numbers.... CP12: -PowerTap 350 -Kinetic 375 (23.4) ... 5 minute recovery, then .... CP1: -PowerTap 547 -Kinetic 579 (28.0) hope this helps . . . . . . EDIT (again, sorry..).. for the CP1 my edge305 display screen shows avg speed 28.0 but when I look at this effort in...
  4. Bianco

    Anyone have Kurt Kinetic PM and another PM?

    I have a Kinetic Trainer and PowerTap. I dont have the Kurt computer but I do the math as mentioned above. I did a 20 min. time-trial effort and my average watts on the powertap was 317. I suppose I could have used the powertap to get speed values, but for whatever reason I just used my...
  5. Bianco

    Training with Power vs. Training with Speed

    Yeah, I'm silently assuming that this is location dependent. (good analogy with the backyard velodrome) So, if you learn that you are capable of maintaining a 300 watt average for 40 mins, then you can take this anywhere on any course? up 5% climbs, long flat straights, etc. whereas with...
  6. Bianco

    Training with Power vs. Training with Speed

    I was thinking just now, what would the difference be between training with power and training with speed? Power and speed have an almost direct relationship, more power = more speed. And, remember, that is how the Kinetic trainer computer works. It knows that at 22mph you are pushing 250...
  7. Bianco I come

    Some good docs here, and Friel's trainingwithpower.pdf
  8. Bianco

    Photo Tips Track Cycling Photography

    Thanks Eden... I saw your gallery from one of the previous threads I found after searching. Cool stuff. I'm familiar with panning, but yes I'm sure I could practice. I probably should have mentioned what I'm starting with. I've got a Canon EOS with a Tamron 28-200 lens. It currently...
  9. Bianco

    Photo Tips Track Cycling Photography

    I'm starting to develop photography as a hobbie, so everything is still very new to me. I would like some helpful info about photographing races, specifically track events. I am going to the World Cup in L.A. in a few weeks. It is indoors, but very well lit. Would Velvia slide film...
  10. Bianco

    fabric softener

    my GF put OXO-BRITE non-chlorine bleach and Snuggle Ultra fabric softener in my wash load which had about 3/4 of my cycling clothing collection. I found out 5 mins after the fact, and got paranoid (took my stuff out of the wash) since everything I read says, don't do that. - I'm wondering...
  11. Bianco

    What is the Most Important component to upgrade first?

    Definitely wheels (if that can be considered a component). I had a better than decent road bike, and then I was able to add to it a used pair of Mavic Kysrium SSL SC that i got on ebay for $400 (they're $800 new). Difference is night and day.
  12. Bianco

    teamless tour de france

    I agree that a teamless tour won't happen, even if I beg.... but boring? no way. It used to be an indy sport, was it boring then? You'd have a lot more back-stabbing, a lot more handshake deals gone awry... i'll help you if you help me. Pseudo teams would develop because its understood...
  13. Bianco

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    the hardest part of it is: A. its been 2 long weeks since i've ridden B. Specialized changed their head tube design, so now I need to spend extra money for a new headset, stem, fork, bar tape, cables. will be close to $300 when they're finished
  14. Bianco

    teamless tour de france

    I'm with limerickman. no team, no radio. you against the masses, and acts of god.
  15. Bianco

    Spinergy Wheels...Out of Buisiness?

    Speaking of Zipps and HED... do either of these guys have a website??
  16. Bianco

    Music: Any Jeff Buckley fans here?

    They have just rereleased his album, Grace, for its 10th anniversary. Included is a DVD with videos for 3-4 of his songs. One of which is "So Real" where he can be seen riding a bike. Does anyone know what brand/model of bike that is? I haven't been able to find a photo on the web..
  17. Bianco

    Build up to 62 mile round trip commute

    My commute is 60 miles, one way. But, thats freeway miles, Pasadena to Redlands. I've only done it on the bike once (on a Sat.) and it took me four hours. The trick will be to find the route with the least stoplights. I like the idea of commuting by bike on a regular basis, e.g. 1-2 times a...
  18. Bianco

    teamless tour de france

    Is it just me? I'd like to see the Tour de France be an individual sport. Disband the teams.. everyman for himself.. When exactly did team play come into the picture?
  19. Bianco

    sexy wheels

    A question for the vain..... What are the sexiest wheels you can get for a road bike?
  20. Bianco

    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    This is what is in the shop today, awaiting a frame replacement. Its a 63cm Specialized S-Works M4 Road.