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  1. keelbolts

    Considering a trike?

    After almost 30 years of adult bike riding: I sat on a trike and thot, "I could get used to this." I rode one and said, " this is great." I bought one and said, "I'll never go back." I see my friends with the sore wrists and numb nuts and say, "why?" I still have a few DF bikes that I...
  2. keelbolts

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Greetings, I'm 55, started riding seriously in the mid 80s, did a century in 87, life got more complicated, and my bike went on the wall in the garage for over 20 years. Son pulled my bike down to ride, bought his own, got me into riding again, and I'm back to it. That might be the whole...