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  1. sgrapevine

    Vegetarian Nutrition – leads to under-performance ?

    KA3, Just so you know. I was considering moving to a raw food diet, but wasn't sure of the effects that it would have on my training. Your posts have helped clear this up and I started my first day of raw-foodism yesterday. My routine goes something like this: Eat fruit until I'm not...
  2. sgrapevine

    any smoker-cyclists out there

    I...err.. know someone who smokes a lot of something else, and that person is a big cyclist. His performance seems only to be affected when he's doing both at once. Which makes for some fun nights on the rollers.
  3. sgrapevine

    Milan san Remo... any guesses?

    Anybody actually betting against Freire? I think his phonnomenal shwoing in Tirreno Adriatico bodes well for an MSR win... So who else will be up there with him? Bettini's won it before and he's off to a good start... Petacchi and Boonen are also in good form. I hope Hincapie finishes on...
  4. sgrapevine

    Calculating wattage/power from track work?

    Hi all. Is it possible to calculate average wattage for a workout on an oval track? It seems like it would be an ideal setting (completely flat, no net wind resistance (ideally)). I suppose you would need time, distance... gearing? Thanks