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  1. olo

    Schumacher positive

    In a short interview Sebastian Lang said, Schumacher was the only one on the team bus who wasnt celebrating after they had heard thad Ricco was busted for CERA.
  2. olo

    Schumacher positive

    According to a german newsagency Prudhomme confirmed the positive test to Holczer who now wants to sue Schumacher.
  3. olo

    Ding Dong Hello Dr Fuentes

    Italian police did a raid in the hotel of the the lu team this night. I wonder why.
  4. olo

    Video of Beltran bust

    I know that last year german tv was following the chapeons, or whatever these guys are called, to show how easy it was to prolong the time between the end of the stage and the actual test..
  5. olo

    Tour de Suisse 2008: Stages 4-9

    Klöden lost some of his time because he almost crashed into the csc team car. Here you can watch the last hour of the stage
  6. olo

    Mayo Positive For EPO

    That was his T/E Ratio, but further testing showed that it wasn't artificial testosterone.
  7. olo

    USPS/Discovery- Greatest team of all time?

    :p Ivan was waering sun glasses so Johan couldn't look properly into his eyes. Oh and I forgot to add, that he obviously was going to race clean with DC.
  8. olo

    Alpuerto Contador

    The blood from o.p. apparently is now in Barcelona, according to german television.
  9. olo

    Alpuerto Contador

    German television is reporting there's a bloodbag in Barcelona with A.C. written on it and supposedly they will be taking Contadors dna to test whether it's his blood or not.
  10. olo

    Vino tested positive!

    according to a german cycling site vino was tested positive last saturday for blood tranfusion. if you know german. here's some more in french .
  11. olo

    OK so how many 2007 TdF riders are doped?

    Sinkewitz was tested positive for testosterone on june 8th.
  12. olo

    Astana out for Le Tour?

    apparently jaksche is going to talk to a magazine and will give information on vino among other things.
  13. olo

    UCI Go after "Men In Black"

    one german cycling site is reporting that three of the men in black are from astana.
  14. olo

    Tour de Suisse

    just a coincidence? i dont think so :)
  15. olo

    Zabel next??????

    seems like you were wrong.
  16. olo

    Zabel next??????

    bölts just admitted to taking ped's from 1996 on, and schmid and heinrich admitted to giving drugs to those riders who were willing to take them.
  17. olo

    Lance Armstrong involved in puerto?

    maybe thats why the 2003 tour was so close. :)
  18. olo

    Who is who?

    wasn't hamilton supposed to be 4142?
  19. olo

    Ulrich, apparent doper

    well it's easier to make a seven word post, than to register on a forum where registering is disabled.