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    official 2004 tdf route announcement

    official 2004 tdf route announcement

    Starts at Liege, goes counter-clockwise (has it happened before?), 2 TTs in the last week, of which one is at Luz Ardidens. The official announcement was yesterday, or the day before, i think.

    The cheapest good bike you ever bought...

    I guess my 30$ (new) bike was highly overrated... I could ask another question: what's the heaviest bike you ever rode? :)

    anyone here from eastern europe?

    I forgot to mention something about my country: the roads. Everywhere you go it's pits and bumps. It's absolutely awful. You can only imagine what's riding a bike like here... Try mountain biking with a road bike if you want to get the feeling of it :D You can consider yourself even luckier now :)

    anyone here from eastern europe?

    Yes, tell me about that... It's a poor country. About your history comment, I don't know. Every time I hear something about our great history, I think about a quote from an ancient historian, with which they used to brain-wash us during school. It goes something like: "The gets were the bravest...

    anyone here from eastern europe?

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, i'm from... Romania, probably the last country the UCI ranking. Thanx for encouraging me, Sara :)

    Who's the ugliest guy in the peleton?

    Cipollini is considered to be a great looking guy. After seeing the WCH promo on Eurosport (that shows him winning), i said to myself: that guy isn't too good looking. Has a very long, flat face. I heard he did some sort of modeling a while ago... And he is such an ass too. Those Zubeldia and...

    Lefevere comments on East Europeans

    that's just regretable. it's just another example of a misconception.

    anyone here from eastern europe?

    Hi! I'm new to this forum. While browsing it, i saw that most people here are from Australia, UK, America, and i was asking myself if there are any from eastern europe, like me. I'm just curious, because i'd like to know if there are people here (like me) who do this, let's call it, low-tech...