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  1. driewiel

    Considering a trike?

    I hope trikes will stay a rarity. The future? If 20kg trikes cost 500 euro and have a roof to keep you dry. In the Netherlands 6000 euro+ velomobiles sell like hot cakes but not everyone can afford one. Which is probably a good thing so we won't have traffic jams on bike trails. Meanwhile I'm...
  2. driewiel

    Considering a trike?

    You are obvious an experienced biker and like me love a trike. They are slower, more expensive, havier, funny, complicated, a hassle often, but still you acnolidge that a trike is the ultimate ride. Yes there is nothing wrong with a mtb on goat paths or a fast DF uphill. But I wouldn't trade my...
  3. driewiel

    Considering a trike?

    Please write some more. Please.
  4. driewiel

    Advice for beginner

    First be sure the bike ain't to big. Consider a used mtb and spend $150 on new chain, cassette, chainring, cables. Have a experienced mtb rider look for a bike that onced costed thousands but now less then 100. The Specialized Hardrock is not a bad bike I guess. But the 2010 model is already...
  5. driewiel

    Newbie buying used for casual use.

    It may be a great investment because nobody is gonna steal that thing. But I'm sure better bikes can be found for 80 dollar. It's sometimes amazing how cheap older bikes can be that once costed a couple of thousand. However I'm handy enough to put a new chain, sprocket, cassette and cables...
  6. driewiel

    Is there a good bike shop near Brussels for Touring bikes?

    I'm not from Brussels but I don't think you'll have any trouble to find a good shop. Have a look at some websites. Flanders is mainly flat and small. Don't miss Bruges and Gent. Hotels are expensive. Better look for b&b or go camping. In 2 weeks there time...