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  1. BikerTrash1130

    What kind of brakes do you have

    I went from a no-name cant front/U-brake rear(DiaComp 990) to a full mech disc (8" front/ 6" rear). Maybe someday I'll try out those V-brakes.:p
  2. BikerTrash1130

    3" tire on a '98 Cannondale Beast of the East?

    Will it fit? I want to make a fat tired single speed. ;) Thanks!
  3. BikerTrash1130

    Century ride on a MTB?

    Back in the day, when index shifting first came to department store bikes, I did a century on a Huffy MTB. I think I was around 15 years old (early-mid '90s). I was biking a lot prior to the 100, most of the family vacations were to bike paths (Root River, Elroy Sparta,...). I think it took me 8...
  4. BikerTrash1130

    Ride to eat or eat to ride?

    Mine goes more like this: Live to Ride, Ride to Eat, Eat to Live. :p
  5. BikerTrash1130

    Lances Chopper!

    Afford it? I had to move back in with the folks! Totally worth it, though! "maybe sport/performance isn't what you're after" Sport? No. Performance? Liquid cooled, Porsche co-engineered; the V-Rod is PLENTY fast, thank you!:cool: As for OCC, the motorcycling community in general doesn't have...
  6. BikerTrash1130

    New Bike :)

    Nice! I have a Specialized P.2, same shape, but I bet yours is much lighter!
  7. BikerTrash1130

    Lances Chopper!

    One of my other past times is motorcycling. That bike is ugly! Now this bike is HOT (and mine!).
  8. BikerTrash1130

    Weapons an Cycling

    I have a nice SpyderCo, but I rarely carry it. I know about those laws in AZ. When I was going to school there, I got a ride from a classmate (also an out of towner), and when I got in his car, he put his 9mm on the dash. I had quite a surprised look, then he said the cops pulled him over for...
  9. BikerTrash1130

    Wearing the LiveSTRONG yellow wrist band?

    I lost my Grandfather to cancer, but I would never wear a wrist band or ribbon, to me they say "I care more then you". Lance who?
  10. BikerTrash1130

    What fork to replace a Girvin Vector 2?

    Where, oh where can I find a spring for my Girvin fork?! My elastomers are frozen! You guys aren't showing your age, I am 26 and started riding in the early 90's. My bike is pure old school! Cannondale M800 Beast of the East with original Dart/Smoke tires, XT thumb shifters, DiaComp 990 rear...