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  1. jimbooffa

    Saddles for 200+ lbs riders

    I'm 6' 215LB and use the Specialized Telluride saddle that came standard on my 04" Specialized Roubaix Elite. Its very comfortable and I've used it for 50+ mile rides.
  2. jimbooffa

    6ft 5", will I fit on a 62cm Road Bike Frame?

    Good luck on the new bike! Just to add more confusion to the mix, I'm a bit over 6ft and ride a 62cm specialized compact frame. Definitely, test ride the bikes and get fit on a trainer.
  3. jimbooffa

    Advice on purchasing new bike (please)

    If you will consider compact frames take a look at Specialized Roubaix Elite. It is in your price range and is full Ultegra, carbon fork, seat stays, and seat post. I just bought one and love it. Definitely test ride all of the bikes you are interested in or try to. I was orginally...
  4. jimbooffa

    Hands fall asleep?

    Doc. This is interesting. I think my Specialized Telluride body geometry saddle is very comfortable. I have been on two 50+ mile rides and the saddle was the least painful part of the ride for me. The few times that I have riden with out biking shorts for short distances I noticed that the...
  5. jimbooffa

    Other cycling information websites or forums?

    I think that you will find all you need to know from a technical perspective here. For parts/cyclocomputers .com For specific bikes go to manufactures web sites.
  6. jimbooffa

    Muscle bound...forever?

    Damn Doc those are some serious guns for a guy who doesn't train regularly. I had 18s that pumped up to 19 but I have lost 15 pounds in the past year and they've shrunk to 17 1/2. Its all an illusion anyway and I look way better at the lower weight. I had the huge thunder thighs too when I...
  7. jimbooffa

    Muscle bound...forever?

    Why not do both? I am a natural bodybuilder (6'1" 220lb 10% BF) and I regularly ride 30 to 50 miles on either a Saturday or Sunday. Biking this past year has helped me to become leaner than I have ever been in my life. If you are not doing strength training you muscles should atrophy some...
  8. jimbooffa

    Anyone Else Require a Long Warmup Period?

    I've noticed the same thing. Takes me about 10 miles to feel warmed up. Most of my rides are 25 to 50 miles so I take it easy for the first ten. I don't race only ride for fun. :)
  9. jimbooffa

    cramping in left thigh near the knee

    I found a strecth that may help avoid the cramping in the future. I told a friend of mine what had happened on the ride and he suggested this stretch. When I tried the stretch my left leg was much tighter than my right leg. The Stretch Lie face down on a mat, grab left ankle with left hand...
  10. jimbooffa

    Creatine monohydrate, I don't get it ?

    Creatine is an excellent supplement that will speed up recovery. I have been using it since it first came out (10 years?) and am in excellent health. Its application is more suited to bodybuiling or powerlifting. I am a natural bodybuiler who cycles for fun. It seems that it would be counter...
  11. jimbooffa

    I'm new to this and in over my head.

    Looks like you got scammed. I would recommend taking the bike to the LBS to get an estimate of how much it would take to straighten out the mess. Then either pay for it or scrap the bike and look for a new one. Would recommend buying locally and test riding before buying. Craigslist is a...
  12. jimbooffa

    How do I unclip pedals while climbing?

    If traffic permits turn around and go down the hill and then unclip. :)
  13. jimbooffa

    Question about calories

    I guess we are approaching the problem from different ends of the spectrum. Me with a lot of muscle but over fat (not now!). I still think for your long term health the quality of food you intake is important. Be careful what you wish for. Hauling my 216lb up hills is tough. Recommended...
  14. jimbooffa

    Question about calories

    What you eat is just as important as the amount of calories. It took me 20 years to figure out what works for me. 1) Eliminate refined carbohydrate from diet. ie, pasta, potatos,rice,cakes, cookies,etc. Ok to have a bowl of cerial in the moring (fiber). 2) eat small frequent meals every 3...
  15. jimbooffa

    Photos of your bike

    Here's mine: 04 Specialized Roubaix Elite Full Ultegra Shimano R540 wheels Look PP-396 pedals
  16. jimbooffa

    cramping in left thigh near the knee

    It was a hot day but I drank about 5 or 6 water bottles of water. I think that I should have done some stretches when I stopped for lunch.
  17. jimbooffa

    cramping in left thigh near the knee

    Thanks for the reply. Cramp location was the lower inside thigh toward the knee. When I bring the bike back to the shop to have the derailuers adjusted, I will ask them to check the position of the saddle.
  18. jimbooffa

    cramping in left thigh near the knee

    I experienced craming in my left thigh near the knee after 50 miles of a ride that was hillier than I have been riding recently. I stopped for a while, got back on the bike and rode in the lowest gear. When I tried to uoshift and push it little bit the thigh would cramp up again. Finally had...
  19. jimbooffa

    Recommendations for a "pretty" bike...

    That's a very good price. When I bought my Roubaix Elite from Supergo a few weeks ago, the base Roubaix was about $1300. Of course, everything is more expensive on the west coast. So far, I like the Look PP396 pedals that I have on my bike. Very easy to clio in/out and when you are clipped...