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  1. redticket

    Considering a trike?

    I sense a hint of sarcasm in your response. I am an independent bike shop owner. I have dealer agreements with the companies I stock to sell in my local area only. I couldn't sell you a trike if I wanted to. I am also a Realtor, hunter, fisherman FREELANCE WRITER and more. Just because I would...
  2. redticket

    Considering a trike?

    This was only meant to be a 400 word simple overview of the kinds of trikes on the market. I did describe what's out there. I also enjoy them. There are a ton of other articles getting into specifics. Such as this one on a Catrike Trail Review... Catrike Trail: Recumbent Trike Review -...
  3. redticket

    Bike Path Bikes?

    No clue what these are? Many people don't. I wrote a article about them.... Thought I would share it. I hope it helps! How to Choose the Perfect Bike Path Bicycle! - Associated Content -
  4. redticket

    Considering a trike?

    I've been lurking here in the background for awhile. I am a bike shop owner (30 years) and also a freelance writer. I converted to bents about 7 years ago. About a year ago I decided to go trike... What a blast! If you've never tried one, you should. Recently I wrote this article and thought I...