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  1. bluecann

    Do you wear a helmet?

    all i know is the back of my head would of been crushed without a helmet. i've never hit my head so hard before.
  2. bluecann

    Taxing fat people

    yeah and maybe we should tax cyclists because when they wreck it can be serious. and skiers for the same reason. i sure dont want to pay for those runners joint problems. how about that guy drinking a beer over there? i wonder if he's an alcoholic? lets tax all the people that don't wear...
  3. bluecann

    Helmets that make you look good

    i recently got a catlike kompact and like it very much. it sits on my head like an octopus instead of a dead fish like my giro eclipse. its very comfortable & well ventilated. another plus i recently discovered now that the warmer weather is here is for some reason, with the catlike, more...
  4. bluecann

    What to wear under bike bibs or shorts

    been hit in the cup by foul tips plenty of times, it does its job very well, and it isn't uncomfortable. one day after you're done seeing stars you'll see the light.;)
  5. bluecann

    What to wear under bike bibs or shorts

    obviously you've never been a catcher on a baseball team.
  6. bluecann

    Cold Water VS Hot Water in your bottle

    sounds like your friend had an epileptic seisure. exhaustion was more likely the cause. google vagus nerve.
  7. bluecann

    Weight Minimum for Bike?

    the reason i asked about the womans frame is because i was asking my LBS owner about a bike for my wife. i was wondering since her & i are about the same size, if she would be comfortable on my mans frame. he told me women tend to have longer legs and shorter torsoes than men so a womans...
  8. bluecann

    Weight Minimum for Bike?

    it wasn't just the weight of the bike i was wondering about. it was the culmination of all the other numbers that had me scratching my head. the less than 100 pounds, 34" inseam, 43cm bike, and 12lbs just didn't add up.:confused: now that i know you're female i can picture it in my mind and...
  9. bluecann

    Weight Minimum for Bike?

    and "well into the 12 pound range"? somethings fishy. :cool:
  10. bluecann

    Cannondale Six13 or Synapse?

    what is this classic geometry you speak of? i took a few minutes and looked at some of the bikes i listed in my previous post (scott, canyon, cervelo, isaac, look, felt), i picked out their "team" bikes and couldnt find any major differences in the numbers between them & the synapse. thats a...
  11. bluecann

    Cannondale Six13 or Synapse?

    i thought the thread was comparing the synapse to the six13. comparing the same sizes of the synapse & the six13 there are differences but they are minute. if one had never ridden either bike and could ride blindfolded i doubt the differences could be felt. i know i couldn't tell, just my...
  12. bluecann

    Cannondale Six13 or Synapse?

    Whenever i read posts comparing the synapse to the six13 i find it funny that some think the synapse is a comfort bike with relaxed geometry. Sure it's marketed that way but if you take the time to compare the geometry numbers on cannondales website the differences are so nominal that there...
  13. bluecann

    Catlike Whisper Helmet

    yep, thats where i got my catlike kompact. 6 days from the uk to virginia.
  14. bluecann

    Can you damage your frame by storing your bike in cold temperatures?

    my synapse carbon owners manual states to protect the frame from extreme temperatures. it does not give a cold tempurature but it does give a hot tempurature ("do not store in places where the temp will exceed 66.5 degrees C/150 degrees F"). it also says to allow the bike to cool off or warm up...
  15. bluecann

    Any Christian cyclist out there?

    sure, because as we all know, the ancient greeks & romans were such great guys that all the surrounding countries gladly gave up their lands so they could be included in the cultural benefits.:p
  16. bluecann

    TT/Triath. vs. regular road bike?????

    heres a pretty good link explaining why you want or dont want a dedicated tri/tt bike compared to a road bike. its a bit long but full of good info. or you can look at this geometry PDF file from TREK comparing the TT bike to the...
  17. bluecann

    transptorting carbon-fiber frames

    the owners manual for my synapse states that while carbon fiber frames are very strong, they arent bulletproof. instead of bending like theyre metal counterparts carbon fiber frames or forks will completely break if hit hard enough and need to be replaced. it doesnt state how hard the crash...
  18. bluecann

    Drying cycle gear

    hmmm, when i take mine out of the washer and hang them to dry it only takes a couple hours and theyre dry and most of that time is for the chamois. i say just wring them out & hang them. they should dry themselves by the time work is over.
  19. bluecann

    Coasting %

    i coast when approaching stop signs or pedestrians that dont seem to hear when i call out that im passing. otherwise i pedal all the time.
  20. bluecann

    Poll: Am I a "Fred", or am I fast?

    i dont know if youre a fred or not but you definately sound like a kid. the only one who cares about you "unleashing your fitness" is you.:cool: