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    Building A Bike From Scratch

    I think it depends of what kind of bike you want. If it's just something simple to ride around town, then maybe look for a used, out of shape bike which you can play with first, just to see if you even like the whole process. Maybe there's some kind of gathering nearby where you live, where...
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    Cycling At Night - Do You?

    I mainly did it over the summer as I finished working in the evening, then just went for it. There's the benefit of lower temeperatures, which were just perfect so you weren't all sweaty all the time. I mainly used side roads, which had no traffic at all, so it was really peaceful and relaxing...
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    Does Anyone Keep Cycling In The Winter?

    Sure, as long as the weather holds. I'm not that bothered by cold, bought a nice full-face balaclava, plus some gloves and that's it. I just try to look for cleaner roads and if some snow comes along, we can manage that too. :)
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    Mini Bike Pump

    I bought a mini pump and installed it on my hybrid, carried it around all the time along with a spare tube. Used it once in two years I think, and that wasn't even on my bike. It's nice knowing that you have one with you, but you can't really do much other than roadside repairs. I have a normal...
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    Have you ever bought bike stuff on eBay.

    If it's a well-known product that you could get in most bike shops, I don't see why now. Especially if the price is lower for some reason. But as I said before, buying some cheap Chinese stuff just for the sake of an incredibly low price is a no-go for me. In my experience even a few dollars has...
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    Getting Other People To Start Cycling

    Yeah, not overdoing it early on is very important imo. Cycling in itself is not hard at all, but you can make it hard easily enough. And if you throw a big hill at someone who hasn't ridden in years, he's probably just gonna give up and say never again. But if you do build up gradually there's...
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    Getting Other People To Start Cycling

    I'd like to hear your experiences with trying to get other people to join you cycling. I'm sure a lot of you have tried getting your family members, friends etc. who have not cycled for a long time to get back out and rack up a few kilometers (or miles) at least. For me, I'd say it differs a...
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    Do You Wear A Helmet While Riding?

    I slap it on every time I ride out. Had to use it once in about 2 years. I was riding on a flat dirt trail which had a short but steep drop into a blind left corner. The area was full of bushes and trees and when I was going the other way I thought this could be a tricky descent as you couldn't...
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I'm from Slovenia, you can find us if you look very hard on a very big map somewhere east from Italy. Or follow the long line of refugees, you'll find us soon enough. Anyway, I've been cycling regularly for the last 2 years and just bought my first "adventure road bike". I currently work part...
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    It was warm enough to ride today!

    Feeling quite smug these days here in Slovenia (that's the country between Venice and Vienna) - we've been having nothing but sun and high teens the throughout all this week and it looks like one more to come. Also got my new bike in a couple of days ago, perfect timing. :) Only problem is that...
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    Have you ever bought bike stuff on eBay.

    Bought a "bicycle spanner" for about a dollar with free shipping from China. Don't really know why, I guess I was in a fit of buying cheap bike things right then. And I thought to myself why not, it's got four sizes on a single spanner, what can go wrong? Turned out, even a dollar was too much...