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  1. bampa

    On taking risks

    I agree with you. I spend as much time in the traffic lane as I do in the bike lane. especially this time of year when all the leaves are falling and my lane is clogged up with debris. I haven't felt at risk all that much as long as I remember that I am the slowest vehicle on the road. Thanks...
  2. bampa

    On taking risks Please read the post titled "on taking risks" and comment here. Thanks:)
  3. bampa

    Bike Lanes

    I agree. I live near Portland, Oregon. It's supposed to be a "bike friendly" town, but out here in the 'burbs you have to be really careful which road you chose, because not many of them have a bike lane or even a shoulder. And drivers don't watch out for us very well. A rider has to be very...
  4. bampa

    Which is a better commuter bike?

    Some advice from a 51 year old geezer. Get Bent! I changed to a recumbent in Feb and will never go back to uprights. I live in Milwaukie, Oregon and it's up hill from my house no matter which way I go. I love my Sun EZ Sport. I commute to work durring the week, 5 miles each way. On the weekends...
  5. bampa

    Music on the ride to work...

    I work in a machine shop, so my ride to work is the only quiet time I get. No music here except the music of God's creation waking up.:)
  6. bampa

    Mirrors on bicycles?

    I started riding a "bent" in Feb of this year and have a rear view on it. It is the first bike I have had a mirror on and I don't know how I got along without one before this. I think they are great. I have talked to people who use handle bar mirrors (which is what I have) and I have talked to...
  7. bampa

    Why Do You Commute?

    Why do I ride? 1. It's fun 2. It wakes me up 3. It gives me 20 min. with the Lord every morning 4. It saves gas 5. It keeps me in shape, sort of 6. Did I mention, it's fun?
  8. bampa

    What kind of shorts to ride Recumbent?

    I have a pair of cargo shorts that I wear, but I've been told there is a danger of getting a bee up in the leg. :eek: It's never happened to me and I hope it never does. Does not sound like a good time. ;)
  9. bampa

    Sun EZ Sport AX

    I've been riding the sun EZ Sport CX since February, it's my first "bent" and I will never go back to up right. I commute and do longer rides on weekends. It's great.
  10. bampa

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    I'm from Milwaukie, Oregon. I ride a lot more since I got my recumbent. I'm going to ride in the Reach the Beach next year if I can stay healthy.