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  1. Piotr

    RAAM for Wounded Warriors. - U.S. Military Team to race for Wounded Warrior Project I just wanted to point out that one of our CF members is on the featured team, so if they go by your town, give Tom and the team a shout and donate here: Sorry, I haven't been here in...
  2. Piotr

    Fail pic from the Tour of Utah.

    That's a great shot, but is it a FAIL? BTW, that's Raymond Kreder from Garmin/Felt.
  3. Piotr

    What's up with my power profile?!

    Not that I'm complaining about it, but I'd like you guys to give me some feedback. Perhaps you can share your own power profile with everyone as well. This isn't about the numbers as much as the profile shape. I know that it's not unusual for a beginner to have a relatively low FTP...
  4. Piotr

    Critique welcome

    I just posted my typical weeks worth of training on my blog (last week). I would appreciate some comments/critique. I think it's solid, but any input is appreciated. FYI, I just did my first L5 training attempt today (5x 4 min @ 110%) and it went well. Please be constructive and civil. :) CTL...
  5. Piotr

    Downward power drift in PT SL

    WTF? Has anyone seen anything like this before? I did my 3 x 25 min SST session indoors and everything looked fine during the first set. The second set, despite the PE and speed being similar to the first, the power displayed was considerably lower. Even more so during the third set. Strangely...
  6. Piotr

    Where does power come from?

    I have lurked and read this forum for some time. I found the "strength training" thread particularly interesting. In fact, I stopped going to the gym because of it. The question that I still have is: why do bigger riders tend to have greater power outputs. Simple enough - they have bigger...