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  1. Bigbananabike

    What size threads do these have?

    Hi. I want some more for my Saronni and TEAM Raleigh Ii'm restoring. Are they 3mm or 3/6th ? Sorry - I couldn't load the file. They're rear dropout adjusting screws made by Campagnolo. I would've thought they'd be 3mm for Campy dropouts and 3/16th for the Raleigh ones.
  2. Bigbananabike

    Aero wheels in bunches??

    We're about to start the Summer race season (the Winter race season is starting to finish!) here in NZ. I'm going to be doing some short but hilly races every Thursday night and hopefully I can continue racing into the Winter. I have some race wheels - ex China - 1360gms with pretty light...
  3. Bigbananabike

    How to build my bike?

    I've just got a new Merida Scultura frame for a really good price. It's from the 7000e. They're normally built with Di2 Ultegra. I want to build it up to sell for a profit - using some of the gear I already have. I have a used pair of 105 11 speed shifters that I got cheap. Looking on...
  4. Bigbananabike

    Jock itch / crotch rot - how to get rid of it?!

    I was out riding 4 weeks ago today and had really sore neither regions. My butt is pretty hard from riding so I thought it was strange. I had a look-see when I got home and I had a rash between my leg and ball sack. My wife who's a nurse said it the above. I'm now on Miconazole cream from...
  5. Bigbananabike

    Is this still usable?

    I got my Lennie Rogers frame back from the blaster yesterday. He pointed out these holes (and some very tiny ones in the toptube). Is it still usable? It's certainly not worth having repaired - though I have the paint and new decals for it! Its too small for me so I'd be selling it on -...
  6. Bigbananabike

    Grotty, ripped, stained cycling clothing. ok or ?

    Just looking at my favourite top (Assos bright yellow) these last few rides and thinking - its pretty stained :( It only $15 secondhand (like almost all of my cycling gear - yes, including shorts!) Most of my other stuff has 'faults' too - ripped shorts, stains etc. Is this ok or am I letting...
  7. Bigbananabike

    Maximum teeth from shimano derailleur?

    I've got a 9 speed training bike with a short cage rear derailleur - either 9 speed or 10 spee. It has a cassette with 12-28. The upper pulley looks pretty close to the 28 now. I wouldn't mind putting say a 30 or 32 on it as its coming on to Winter and I still want to climb the hills here...
  8. Bigbananabike

    Training in zones 2 & 4 only. ok or ?

    In recent weeks I've started using a heart rate monitor again - seriously this time though. Previous to this I've realised most of my training had been in zone 3 (76 - 81%) which it seems is where we tire out but don't build endurance or high speed / strength either. Doh:oops: Reading up it...
  9. Bigbananabike

    Are these campag only cranks? If they can run (without wearing the heck out of them) Shimano 10 speed I might buy them.
  10. Bigbananabike

    Chamois cream vs nappy cream?

    A couple of years ago I got some DZ Nuts and used it. It worked ok. I thought the fact that its a reasonably 'solid' substance made it stay where I put it. Last year I read about using readily available (supermarket) and cheap nappy cream for protection and to help saddle sores heal up. I...
  11. Bigbananabike

    Fulcrum wheels Freehub?

    I've got a set of Fulcrum 7s on my Campy equiped 'rello. If I bought some Fulcrum 5s (there are a good used set on an auction here) will the freehub change over as this set has a Shimano freehub?
  12. Bigbananabike

    21 Days to prepare for Hilly 110kms race. Advice welcome

    On Jan 16th I'm doing a hilly (though very scenic) 110kms race. I might have a ride on my rollers for an album length tomorrow then an early ride on Boxing day (the weather is supposed to be better and if I go out early enough there won't be Christmas traffic)...
  13. Bigbananabike

    Help Dealing With Other Riders ;-(

    Hi. I've been riding with a local group for 5/6 years. On a good day there are up to about 50 riders doing various doing various courses and length of riders. They have lots of good activities. I'm finding the people harder to relate to, be friendly to or generally stomach I now only ride...
  14. Bigbananabike

    Do You Guys Not Care About Bikes Anymore?!

    Are they just 'vehicles' to get you over the line?
  15. Bigbananabike

    What Spanner For Ultegra 5700 Chainring Bolts?

    I've just bought a used/excellent condition 5700 equiped Scott CR1 Pro (yay me :D ) and what to be able to change the inner ring from 34 to 36 and 38. I realise it has TORX bolts but what size etc do I need to buy? Thanks, Paul
  16. Bigbananabike

    Would 105 5700 series BB fit 68/73 XT cranks?

    Shimano 105 5700 series BB". Hi will this fit a set of 68/73 XT cranks?
  17. Bigbananabike

    Will a 5700 bottom bracket work with 5600 cranks?

    I've done a stupid thing....I won a 5700 bb forgetting that the cranks I'm going to fit are 5600. Will the bb work with them? Same English thread and for double as well.
  18. Bigbananabike

    Does this BB fit this Crankset? I've had a measure etc and think it fits my Shimano R6OO cranks. Correct or ?! Thanks, Paul
  19. Bigbananabike

    My 2015 Racing & Training year as a Plonker Roadie ;-)

    Hi folks. Hoping for a better year of it than last year - various factors and a recurring hip problem kept my training and racing to a pretty naff level - even though I'd joined 2 clubs and got my national race licence etc. After weeks of Chiropractor visits (he rides - occasionally) my...
  20. Bigbananabike

    Rusty - my ugly training partner.

    Now its finished its properly rusty so it looks worse....or better ;-)