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    Eating While Cycling

    I don't see anything wrong with making a quick stop to have a bite as long as it is not junk. Refueling is a good thing and the other thing is you immediately start burning those calories.
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    A mask for cyclist?

    I've never heard of any such thing as a mask for riders but I must say it's a pretty good idea. I would want to have one if it were available. There is just too much smug in the air and a mask would definitely be a good protection from all that getting into ones system.
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    Jingle bells

    Just because tyres can go out easily I would want to have spears at hand. So if I were to make a list for santa I would certainly put that first but i'd also want the best ones available.
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    When are you gonna die?

    I don't know and no one knows for sure, except maybe if they have a terminal illness they may have an idea but not so much the hour or the minute. I think the most important thing is to prepare one's self for that which is to come after we die.
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    It was warm enough to ride today!

    I'm from the Caribbean, Jamaica to be axact. We don't have trails in my area but that doesn't stop anyone from enjoying cycling. Some persons even ride as their only means of transportation, which I think is very independent of them.
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    First Love?

    My love for riding started years ago as a little child. My neighbors across the street had a bike that everyone would get to ride. They happen to have a hill at the back of their property and so we would take turns going down that steep hill. We would often get scrapes and bruises but overall we...
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    What do you do?

    It's never easy bearing the loss of anyone you love, not even if death was expected. We have all lost someone along the way so I know the hurt. However, there are some that see death as nothing too big to care about others loss and they are the ones who are always more broken at the loss of...
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    By the way, I still love going out very early in the morning.

    I also love going out early in the morning because I find that i'm more in the mood to work when I get back home and I accomplish more for the day. However, I haven't been going out recently as my companion is away. Right now i'm missing the morning freshness and freedom so I guess i'll have to...
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    Newbie question...

    So I heard but definitely not my type of protein. No money or dare could let me try bugs. The only way bugs are going down for me would be if they were to save my life and so far I haven't heard of them being any effective remedy for any ailment.
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    Some KFC shops are out of business...

    Well, I am from a small country and with KFC being the oldest fried chicken store here they do get a lot of support. I just don't see them closing their doors her anytime soon. If they even do it certainly wouldn't be because of shortage of customers.
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    College is just too expensive nowadays!

    With what it's costing me now for my daughter I really wish education was free at all levels in my country. Right now they say it's free but only children at the primary level are actually experiencing that privilege. Kindergarten, high schools ancillary fees are at a hike and colleges continue...
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    Worlds Worst Drivers

    I would have to say it is not that bad. Drivers just continue to be selfish and unlicensed drivers also causes a thread to others.
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    Why can't car driver's and bike riders just get along?

    It is so sad that driver and riders just can't get along all the time. I think it's because people continue to be selfish on the road. If they are going to get along someone will have to be willing to compromise. In the meantime riders will have to keep being careful.
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    It was warm enough to ride today!

    Right now the weather is unpredictable as it's the hurricane season which will end this month. Then hopefully I can get out whenever I want to enjoy a beautiful day.
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    College is just too expensive nowadays!

    I do agree, college fees are at a hike. Many who want to get in will be finding it harder to do so each year. I just sent my daughter off to university and it is costing us approximately $50,000 per year and she'll be there for 4 years. Moreover, it may cost the next set of students more for the...
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    what do you guys wash your bib shorts with

    I can wash with any soap and my laundry comes out fresh the same. My trick is to give them a first wash without soap before the actual laundry. Then at the end I allow them to rest in the fabric softener for a while before I rinse.
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    On yer left...

    That was a close call. I can only imagine how frightened you were. I guess a bruised elbow was nothing compared to what could have happened. You do have a lot to be thankful for.
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    Bike Color?

    When I was a little girl the neighbor's daughter had a pink tricycle and she would always let me ride it. My greatest wish then was that I would get a pink bike. Today, the color of my bike wouldn't matter. Just give me something that goes and that means I can get a good exercise out of it.
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    What's Too Much???

    If you are already active it may not be a problem for you to bear the ache and pain of sore muscles. Anyway, be careful about over -exerting and know the difference between just being tired and damaging yourself.
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    It's official!!!

    You're on your way to a healthy you. Getting back on that bike could be the thing you need to bring you to where you want to be. Keep it up and good luck.