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  1. jstnice

    Weight Training?

    Some form of strength training will help to overcome the muscle imbalances that occur from such an activity.
  2. jstnice

    The weight loss challenge

    There are calculators for this on the internet, and they're a good first reference. Once you have that goal, stick to a diet where you eat 500 Calories below maintenance.
  3. jstnice

    It's killing me but..........

    You will see huge results over time if you start logging some serious minutes at L4, even at the low end of L4 (91%FT). You just have to give it time. A riding buddy in my club took my advice last October and he has progressed from 225w to 309w without doing a single minute above L4. The...
  4. jstnice

    The Thread about Nothing....

    When my turn to do a bit of work came up it was straight into a block headwind. My legs were completely stuffed after 5 puny km!!! Lucky the guy who'd just pulled for about 40km had freshened up
  5. jstnice

    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Hello everybody, my name is jstnice. I am new to the forum, I would like to share my bike to you. I like to ride a bike, when I have free time.