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  1. Fujiman

    Where are the Krylions?????

    I googled them today and are staring to see the grey striped ones 23mm staring to show up, web sites are saying others should be in around april.'1804-50'...
  2. Fujiman

    Shimano SPD-SL pedals

    I think the yellow cleats have 6 deg of float and actually the pedals have 6 deg of float built in them which would give you 12 deg with yellow and 6 with red.
  3. Fujiman

    Bombproof rims??

    I have put 1000 miles on a set of Mavic (Ksyrium SL) that I bought used with about 500 miles on them, so far they are still true(knocking on wood as I type:D ) and I ride on some very crapy roads at times and I weight in at 190 lbs. Not saying they are for everyone but so far mine seem to be...
  4. Fujiman

    Garmin 705

    Am I understanding correctly that you have to buy the maps separate for the 705?
  5. Fujiman

    Almost got hurt today...almost...crazy story

    They were supposed to finish the last 6 miles this year, I have not rode the path that far up to check! Maybe I will ride it tomorrow since I took a vacation day from work (sounds like a plan!!):D
  6. Fujiman

    Almost got hurt today...almost...crazy story

    No the 2 I am talking about are the Western Reserve Greenway which goes from Champion to Ashtabula, you have to get on RT45 for 6 miles of it, and the other is the Mill Creek Metroparks trail. both are well maintained, the Mill Creek is usally pretty busy with walkers.
  7. Fujiman

    Almost got hurt today...almost...crazy story

    I have 2 bike paths that are about 10 miles from where I live, one is 43 miles long and the other is 11 miles long, but most of the time I ride on the road. Guess I am lucky because I don't have to deal with many cars (I live out in the country) last sunday morning I rode 35 miles and only saw...
  8. Fujiman

    Saddle for men with prostate issues...

    It can get expensive trying different saddles:eek: like everyone else said you will have to find one you like by trial and error, to answer your question I ended up with a specialized alias 143 and as I said I am pretty happy with it. One thing about trying different saddles I looked on ebay...
  9. Fujiman

    Saddle for men with prostate issues...

    I think all the Specialized Saddles come in 3 different widths, maybe you don't have the correct width? Maybe you do, I tried the Specialized Toupe first and it was too hard for me:eek:
  10. Fujiman

    Saddle for men with prostate issues...

    I am riding a Specialized Alias saddle which is a split saddle, I had a bout of prostatitis last spring, the saddle is working pretty well for me, one key is to make sure you fit the bike correctly and are actually sitting on your sit bones Also I did a lot of reading during my bout with...
  11. Fujiman

    dogs that chase us

    I get chased quite often but as others have stated usually by the same dogs, only one really seems intent on catching me and I just stopped and faced him down yelling at him and he decided I was a bigger dog than him. There is also one house where about seven or eight dogs come running out but...
  12. Fujiman

    What do you think is the biggest gimmick in bike equipment?

    Hopefully he lives in N.E. Ohio, I am a Fuji guy anyway!!!
  13. Fujiman

    Tough bearing to find

    VXB has ceramic bearing with stainless race $49.00
  14. Fujiman

    Help With Stem Angle

    It would be about 3/8" lower and about 7/16" longer.
  15. Fujiman

    Headstem Angles

    Specialized makes stems with adjustable angles, I have a 120mm and 100mm if you are interested. I fit right in the middle at 110mm.
  16. Fujiman

    Help With Stem Angle

    I happen to be at my desk and did a quick draw in cad, a 90mm 10 deg rise would be about 7/16" lower and about 1/8" shorter than what you have now, why are you changing if you want to get as close as you can to what you have now? Hope this helps!
  17. Fujiman

    Mavic Ksyrium rear hub maintenance

    Hey Peter, What do you use to clean your breaking surface with? I am assuming you have or had Mavic wheels, mine are marked up quite a bit already from my pads, Tektro R570 Breaks and pads, came stock on my Fuji. Thanks
  18. Fujiman

    Mavic Ksyrium rear hub maintenance

    Here is a link from youtube that might help.
  19. Fujiman

    Mavic Ksyrium rear hub maintenance

    Here is a link to the Mavic Technical Manual, Username=mavic-com Password=dealer Fairly easy, I just did my Ksyrium SL3's they are much quieter and smoother, baby oil will work or someone else stated Mobil 1 oil. Mavic Recomends Pedros Road Rage Lube...
  20. Fujiman

    ultegra sl vs dura-ace decision

    Do you race? What wheels are you riding? I would think you would get more bank for your buck by upgrading your wheels?