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  1. badhat

    good places to ride in Chicago

    areally great off street rec ride is the north branch trail from the northwest side up to the botanic garden. its around 20 or so miles i think. its quite an engineering marvel, as i dont think its ever more than a quarter mile from a major road or freeway, but its very protected and...
  2. badhat

    good places to ride in Chicago

    god whatever you do stay off ashland... its a deathtrap for bikes. if you need to get north, take southport till it intersects clark and then clark up to sheridan. damen is also a pretty good north south route, but further west. the lakeshore path will get you all the way up to sheridan...
  3. badhat

    Do you wear a helmet?

    guess i aways thought that was a "cost/benefit analysis"
  4. badhat

    A friendly word...

    i dunno i'm just not comfortable with this sort of preemptive guardedness about what we say to other people, just in case. it struck me yesterday that mothers day sales and card shouting at us from every direction in the grocery store could be really hurtful to people who dont have a mother...
  5. badhat

    Do you wear a helmet?

    its not that i'm interpreting "Risk" narrowlty, its that some want to convince me that "looks" is a risk. and its not. if they wanna talk about pros and cons that fine, but dont pretend that "con"is the same as "risk", yknow?
  6. badhat

    Do you wear a helmet?

    i guess i dont understand how wearing a helmet is a risk benefit suituation: what exactly is the risk of wearing a helmet? or conversely the benefit of not wearing a helmet i do agree that for adults it should be a matter of choice, and not legislation, but i even if you dont beleive they...
  7. badhat

    A friendly word...

    wow so we're berating people for offering encouragement now? good god
  8. badhat

    Bicycle-jacking...personal protection

    how the hell are you gonna take off on a bike that has a third of the spokes on its front wheel missing?
  9. badhat

    beginner, need some tips/advice

    your best assets in traffic (beyond basic bike handling and common sense) are confidence and predictability. cars see bike wobbling and second guessing thier lines and stammering and it makes them nervous and it disrupts the flow of traffic. decide where youre going and point the bike...
  10. badhat

    CM chicago 4-28

    was anybody there? supposedly an SUV plowed thru 15 bikers at a CM ride at milwaukee/damen/north. nobody killed but a couple of serious injuries. i'm just getting this word of mouth so far. anybody know anything more?
  11. badhat

    ear protection

    i listen to music on in ear headphones and keep the volume realtive low, it both gives me a sound track and keeps the wind noise at bay. counterintuitively, with the buds in and my music low enough i can actually hear traffic better, without the wind howling. i also wear a really ight...
  12. badhat

    homemade gel

    ooh burnsauce
  13. badhat

    Looking for a place to move?

    f'real, northern colorado: i'd go with boulder/ft collins rather than denver. in FTC and boulder you're a couple of miles from great climbing, whereas if you actually live in denver youve got a bit of a drive to get to the mountains. 300+ days of sunshineevery year, great mountain roads...
  14. badhat

    got wrecked today

    riding to work, routine, on a typically desolate stretch of county road north of loveland. my mind was wandering, and a guess the reporter herald delivery van didnt see me as he was pulling out (he says in, but i'm skeptical, as the front end of the van was pointing away from the house) of a...
  15. badhat

    My Bike Didn't Get Stolen

    a guy i know was joking today about just replying to every shady looking bike ad on craigslist with "THATS MY BIKE LEAVE IT AT THE SEVEN ELEVEN TONIGHT AT 9 OR I'LL REPORT YOU TO THE COPS"
  16. badhat

    Which rider do you admire most and why?

    levi perpetual contender, strong rider, self depricating sense of humor, specialized rider, animal rights advocate.
  17. badhat

    Clothing Recommendations for Cool Weather

    45-55 degrees underarmour base kodiak jersey shorts w chamois amphib tights over the shorts wool socks PI thin gloves 32-44 degrees all the above plus: barrier jacket ski gloves neoprene rear zip booties <32 degrees all of the above plus a second pair of socks, ski mask microfleece...
  18. badhat

    40 Yr Old Virgin is a bike riding loser...

    i went to see 40yov in the theatres when it was first released last summer. and i rode there on my bike. by myself. on a friday night. the theatre was full of college kids, and they had a good snicker as we all walked out of the theatre and i got on my bike and fired up my various lights and...
  19. badhat

    fav place to ride

    i lived in chicago for years before moving to colorado last fall and i can tell you that as much as i love colorado cycling, the lake shore path is still on my short list, as you may have noticed. the view of the city from the stretch of path across from grant park is truly breathtaking, and...
  20. badhat

    I need some advice from some Las Vegas roadies

    i should qualify that igrew up in vegas and still visit family there a couple of times a year. in general its not the bike friendliest place in the world, but its getting better. for rec biking anyway- sadly its still got a pretty crummy commuter infrastructure.