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  1. danch

    Offseason problems

    Depends on how fast you go! Well, a pound of fat is about 3500 Calories, so that's 17,500 Calories. Biking you burn maybe 30-40 Calories a mile (a very rough estimate I've seen somewhere), so that'd be 437 - 583 miles. Maybe more, maybe less. That assumes you don't start eating more...
  2. danch

    Respiratory Rate as a measure of the Lactate Threshold

    Probably not, but more importantly, it is the number that Carmichael's system is built around, so if you're applying his zones and workout structure, that's the number you should use. Mostly, you'll get faster. If you're really out of shape right now, your [email protected] may rise (mine did over the...
  3. danch

    What causes hyperventilation at max aerobic power?

    Pain around your rib cage doesn't sound good. The only time I get pain anywhere near my rib cage is when I start getting slight asthmatic symptoms. I know what that is - if I didn't I'd be talking to a doctor.
  4. danch

    What is my Lactate Threshold?

    I'll answer this one over here! ;) Or extend it with another question. Haven't there been studies of people who don't produce lactate that showed that they feel the same burning sensation at high efforts? Hoping one of the well-read coaches here will be familiar with this. Another point to...
  5. danch

    Bungie Cord Of Doom

    Let me guess - Bungy cord used to strap cargo on let loose and tangled in the back wheel (skid, track-stand). Knife was used to cut said bungy and free the wheel.
  6. danch

    How to Convert LifeCycle 9500HR to real world difficulty

    How accurate is the wattage readout on those things?
  7. danch

    Against the Wind

    It's not that I mind the effort of working in the wind; it's that because I'm going slower, I feel like I'm not working hard enough, so I _really_ bust my butt into the wind, often blowing up. Like I said, it'll make me stronger in the long run, but I _feel_ like I'm being a weak pansy at the...
  8. danch

    Do you guys spit and blow snot rockets a lot when racing?

    I'm not racing yet, but I've found that Allegra helps a little bit, and I'm trying Allegra D now. For racing, however, the pseudoeffedrine in the Allegra D may be a 'doping' issue. My allergy/asthma doc is sending me for a cat scan of my sinuses, now, to see if there's something seriously...
  9. danch

    Against the Wind

    One of my trunk routes has a section that's almost always a headwind up a false flat on the way home. This is the worst scenario for my psychologically, because the grade is so slight it doesn't feel like a climb, and the wind robs speed, too. I think the worst thing about headwinds...
  10. danch

    Cancer or a boyfriend

    Isn't it great to surprise people? AfterI lost 30 lbs or so and cut my hair for the first time in a decade, a coworker from another office was in town to deliver some training for a client. I came into the training room and started talking to him about how the class was going, etc. We talked...
  11. danch

    Leg Strength

    You're fighting some deeply ingrained jargon.
  12. danch

    Time to Get Serious - New Training Plan

    Here, here! Blog it Rap! Do it for the confused newbies!
  13. danch

    Recovery ride or couch potato day ...

    I usually do the couch-potato thing. I'm one of those who lacks the discipline to really do a recovery pace. I've gone out for 'recovery' rides and thought "I'll just throw in a sprint to get the blood moving." And I wind up doing 5 30 second full out efforts in the middle of this 'recovery...
  14. danch

    Personal Victory!

    I was wondering about it ... 'Designated Hitter?' Congrats to the OP!
  15. danch

    Riding with no hands

    I had the same question when I got back on the bike a couple years ago. I'm pretty familiar with the dynamics issues Slimer remembers so well from his coursework, so my assumption is that in the last 20 years bicycle geometry fashion has leaned toward more responsive handling and away from...
  16. danch

    Online Power Verification

    I believe they do, actually!
  17. danch

    Online Power Verification

    Hey, we like making our math more difficult! Builds character!
  18. danch

    advice please: burnt out muscles

    I regularly do motorcycle track days that leave my legs in that kind of condition (like right now, as a matter of fact) I usually give my legs complete rest for one day at least, then keep to a recovery pace while they're still sore. The recovery rides do actually help, but I'm just leary of...
  19. danch

    Do we need driver education on how to overtake bikes?

    If only more drivers knew what the go pedal does! I often take a slow start from lights to let them by before we get to parked cars, only to find the driver unsure of whether his vehicle can out-accelerate a fat guy on a bicycle.
  20. danch

    mind if I draft you?

    This happens to me too, sometimes. People will pass me on an uphill and I'll catch up on the downhill (I'm a brick), knowing that the next time the road turns up they'll to away again. I hang a few bikelengths back, so that I'm not unsafely close nor am I really gaining any aero advantage. It...