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    Help estimating ftp from race power file

    20 mins is pretty useless on its own. I'd use the 60 minute numbers, but since they're so close, I'd just peg it at 300 and be done with it. It really doesn't matter a bit if it's 297 or 304. All training is prescribed in zones, anyway.
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    Watts is watts...right?

    In this context, watts are watts. 10 rpm isn't going to change that to any extent worth worrying about. Maybe get some higher gearing if you're worried about it.
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    Do not lift weight when you are racing

    Cycling is an aerobic sport. Strength is almost never a limiter. What you do in the weight room will have almost no impact on your ability to drop watt bombs outside of possibly accelerations when you're still fresh. If you want more power, you got to get specific on the bike and train to...
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    What Is Your Resting Morning Heart Rate?

    I've gotten to 32-35 a few times when I was crazy overreached after some huge 4-6 week training blocks. I don't check it very often anymore, but normally (both now and in the past) it's in the low to mid 40s. I've never had an elevated heart rate from overtraining. It seems to only get...
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    10 months to a competition, what to do

    I'd schedule some much earlier races in March April. Build up to those, race then, rebuild back up to A race. 10 months is a crazy long time to prep for one event. Not to mention putting so many eggs in one basket. With more races (even more A races), you have a lot more possibilities for both...
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    Do you keep a log of your training?

    I race at a pretty competitive level, but I don't keep a log or anything. I did have all my power files, but have lost even those. At some point you've trained enough that you know what works and what doesn't. I don't need to look back at what I've done in the past to know what I need to do in...
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    Realistic expectations...

    Great post, too! I'm pretty much on a time-crunched schedule myself these days. During winter time, I'm just trying to get in 8 hours a lot of the weeks. Once spring rolls around I get back up to 12-15 hours and the form really comes along quickly. Because of the less volume in winter, I...
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    Realistic expectations...

    No. And no. And that's not a training plan, that's just banging your head against the wall over and over again. Your body is very good at adapting. But when it adapts, it no longer needs to improve. You have to keep changing the stimulus to keep the body improving. The same thing over and over...
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    TRAINING TO WIN! advice needed..

    HR really doesn't matter that much. If you have power, then I wouldn't even bother with it. It can be more deceptive than beneficial if you don't understand what it's telling you.
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    TRAINING TO WIN! advice needed..

    Racing isn't about being able to put out the most watts, it's about minimizing your efforts in order to maximize your strengths when it matters most. Your ftp isn't that high, your watts/kg is even lower, but whether or not that will have anything to do with anything is anyone's guess. If you...
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    Creating Endurance--Power levels

    Definitely not something I could do in a normal training week. I usually shoot for 95% threshold for various lengths (10-30mins depending on the feel of that day). I'll do that once or twice a week. Don't think I've ever done 2x20. They're just numbers, and not numbers I find particularly...
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    Sprinting and/or anaerobic training.

    I tend not to work on these things in the winter time as they're very race specific and I like to do more general work in the winter, meaning tempo and threshold stuff. Later, though (or whenever you'd like to try), I would do them when completely fresh, early on in the ride after a solid...
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    Training Intensity for Starting Over

    Higher intensity from the get go. 2-3x 10min intervals, extending those out. Some group rides with short/sharp efforts or some short kom attempts, etc. Keep it interesting, keep it fun, but definitely keep harder efforts as well, both longer, tempo/threshold stuff and shorter vo2 + stuff.
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    I can't afford to do what I love

    Just go join a club and ride. You're the only one holding yourself back at this point. As long as your bike is functional and your clothing is comfortable, everything else is superfluous. Good riders are good regardless of equipment.
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    90 watts in 22 weeks

    Interesting thread. Good luck! How did you come up with the 85% of max 5min power for a threshold goal? I just checked and my peak threshold seems to be right at 84%, so that's pretty interesting. Is their any physiological correlation there or just a good, round number to shoot for?
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    pros training

    Strava has quite a few protour guys on there. Laurens Ten Dam and Niki Terpstra are notables, one of the King brothers, too. Not sure they post every workout, but they do put up a lot of rides so it'll give you at least an idea. Generally, though, it's not all that different from training...