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  1. Owboduz

    Wear Your Helmet!

    I live in the UK. It's not the most cycle friendly place, but Cambridge is pretty good. Last August, I was cycling in a cycle lane at 18mph when a car traveling next to me suddenly hit the brakes, signaled and turned into a driveway. This all took the span of less than 2 seconds. Naturally, I...
  2. Owboduz

    New Felt Z85 Today !

    I'm also impressed with Shimano's pedals. I was using a set of m530s the day that someone turned in front of me. Despite using single release cleats, my bike did not land on top of me, it sailed clear of me.
  3. Owboduz

    First road bike

    If you plan to compete, make sure your frame is UCI approved. At the moment, this means no disc brakes. They seem to be evaluating that, but they haven't come to a ruling yet.
  4. Owboduz

    Drop-bar, Disc Brake Commuter Bike

    That's an interesting point. My interest in internally routed cables comes from a few points: Aesthetics. Internally routed cables just look nicer. Cleaning. If I want to keep this bike in good shape, given what I'll be putting it through, it seems easier to clean a bike with internal cables...
  5. Owboduz

    Drop-bar, Disc Brake Commuter Bike

    The problem that I have been finding is that many manufacturers offer most of their models only with Shimano groups. Many manufacturers don't bother with internal cable routing on alloy models, and carbon bikes don't have rack eyelets. The result of this seems to be that the intersection of...
  6. Owboduz

    Price Vs Brand

    There's lots of lower cost bikes out there and, while they may not have the fanciest groups, that doesn't mean they're not good. I've never had any trouble with the Shimano Tourney group on my hybrid.
  7. Owboduz

    Drop-bar, Disc Brake Commuter Bike

    I'm searching for a new bike--my last one was put beyond economical repair in a motor vehicle accident. The last time I bought a bike, I constantly wanted to upgrade parts of it. I don't want to do that again. I'm looking for a bike that can be my Monday - Friday commuter. At work, we have...
  8. Owboduz

    New Wahoo RFLKT not displaying numbers

    I've just gotten a new Wahoo RFLKT. I've got it paired to the Wahoo app on my android device, I've configured a custom screen, and the buttons appear to work. But after the activity is started, my customized screen appears, but no numbers appear on it. Does anyone know how to get numbers to show...
  9. Owboduz

    garmin alternative...

    I had the same frustration, which is why I started using ipbike. The trial gives you 1000,000 wheel revolutions to try it out, which should be more than enough, and the app costs a mere £5--a whole lot better than a strava subscription! It has many export and upload options, including...
  10. Owboduz

    advice for new bike

    Not that much more. I bought an own-brand bike from an online retailer and paid 75% of an equivalent name-brand bike in-store. But, it came with a jammed barrel adjuster and I was constantly tweaking the front derailleur alignment. The retailer did ship me replacement parts for the barrel...
  11. Owboduz

    UK or EU standards-approved bike lights

    Perhaps I asked my question poorly. I'll try to be clearer. I recognise that dynamo lights have advantages: They can be bolted down, which means less fuss about removing lights, and they never run out of power. They also have disadvantages: they're more expensive, they seem to weight at least...
  12. Owboduz

    UK or EU standards-approved bike lights

    I'm looking for a new set of lights for commuting on these dark winter nights in the UK. I'm looking for lights which are approved under either BS6102/3 or an equivalent EU standard. There are two reasons I'm looking for the standards approval: 1) it's the law. 2) those standards deal largely...
  13. Owboduz

    Are brand names important or are they not?

    I live in the UK. The best I've seen is merlin cycles for £299.99 ($513). Okay, so it's close to $500, and that price includes sales tax, so I guess it is possible to find a 105 groupset for under $500; take my earlier statement as a slight hyperbole. That said, I haven't seen used bikes...
  14. Owboduz

    Are brand names important or are they not?

    Where are all these $500 used bikes with 105 group sets and alloy frames!? I would have paid that and waked away with a smile when I was looking for a new bike... You can't even buy a 105 group set used for that price.
  15. Owboduz

    Hydraulic road brakes

    Apparently, I was mistaken. You're right, there seems to be movement afoot towards discs. Many pros do not seem enthusiastic, however. I'm not really sure why they would be, for the reasons stated above. In addition, in the pro circuit, there's the danger of hot rotors in a crash situation...
  16. Owboduz

    New Bike: What Type of Bike am I?

    You didn't say a word about trails or off-road, so I would say that a road bike is your best bet. That said, since people don't like the drop bars. You might consider a flat bar road bike if that's the case. If you're running over glass on a regular basis, you're going to want some serious...
  17. Owboduz

    Instantly become more visible with awesome band? Thoughts?

    I don't get what makes these better than normal bands. To add to what dabac said, I use bands just to keep my trousers out of the chain. Between a cateye light set and a pair of fibre flares, you'd have to try pretty hard not to see me.
  18. Owboduz

    Front mech dropping chain

    I received the cable, ends and barrel adjuster. After clearing the with PTFE lube and an m5 machine screw, I was able to fit the barrel adjuster with no trouble. This is due in part, no doubt, to the little o-rings that came on the new adjuster, which stop the spring from separating the adjuster...
  19. Owboduz

    "Don't buy a box-store bike ..."

    I tried to by a used bike, oh how I tried. I figured that the 1/2 rule would apply to bikes as well as it does to most used items. Well, it didn't work out. I bought a new bike because it was less expensive than buying a used one.