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  1. Jene

    If you shave your legs....

    oooooh, jus to drag this topic back up... with one word epilation.. :eek: are any of the men stupid enough to do it? lol tis still better than shaving tho..
  2. Jene

    Cycling Underwear

    im like your cycling friend.....i always wear knickers and cycle idea why, not cos im bothered bout what i look like, i cant wear "granny knickers" as such........jus like "as small as possible cotton...." n i dont have ne problems, dunno tho......its hardly wearing knickers really.
  3. Jene

    Long hair and cycling

    lol...jus to add my thoughts... blondes are waay cooler :p :) as is long hair.....and is def alot lower maintenance for me least ways swimming in the mornin....get home, blow dry, 5 mins to straighten it / curl it n out to college....cant be doing with short hair.
  4. Jene

    overshoes :(

    cos i'm poor and mum not letting me (cos i have three pairs already).nah, but i always get cold feet even from september time cos i have really bad circulation and dont always want to be stuck having to wear thinker socks. there must be somewhere that sells small overshoes...a specialist shop...
  5. Jene

    overshoes :(

    i've only got little feet....size 35 / 36 (slightly smaller than a uk size 3) and had enuf problems finding road shoes to fit...but now i'm tryin to buy overshoes cos the last few rides i've been on my feet have been freezing..most of october infact and i cant find anyover shoes smaller than...
  6. Jene

    Men and shaving? sexy or not? and what part?

    never tried it....and dont think i would....but as its jus come off.......i've jus managed to persuade one of my lad mates to shave!!!!! n its so funny...and def waaaaaaaaaaay sexier!! lol
  7. Jene

    What is your max HR?

    im 16....and never managed to get my heart rate above about 150 :S tho....dont think thats really a bad thing is it? i mean i can still run 4 n a half min km's when i want 2.....resting heart never seems to be much below 80..tho, hmmm, maybe not, its 74 now....i jus have a relitively small...
  8. Jene

    Women's Euro Shoe Sizing (Sidi)

    but i thought a 36 was a size 3?? *confused*
  9. Jene

    3 weeks to find the perfect gift!!

    awww but problem there is he's got all that stuff....theres nuthin 'normal' i can buy him that he doesnt have...need some very unique cycling stuff
  10. Jene

    Women's Euro Shoe Sizing (Sidi)

    does anyone know a website that stocks sidi shoes and delivers to the uk..... i seem to be having major problems buying shoes.....cos sidi fit me and i need a new tri shoe....or on the other hand...does any1 know of any good womens tri shoes that also come in a size 36 :(
  11. Jene

    3 weeks to find the perfect gift!!

    lol, i gotta hope my bf dont read this but neways....i need help!! lol, no idea what to buy my bf for his b'day....he's mainly a roadie but has a pretty good mtb as well...any ideas?? dont wanna spend much...maybe £30 or £40
  12. Jene

    Help! My Knee is killing me.

    i had that!!! same problem, well kinda.......from swimming / running bout 10 ish times a week i swapped to 5 hours swim/ run n 5 hours cycling....n after a couple of weeks i had problems in my knees, wore supports on both knees for bout 2 months and dont use them nemore....think its adjusting to...
  13. Jene

    Do you mouth off at drivers?

    dont mouth off.....but seem to be flippin off at drivers waaaaaaaay to much, it scares me when they go like right by ya n then beep....jeese, you'd think they'd never seen female cyclists b4 (n i was so sure i had already replyed once in this thread hmmm)
  14. Jene


    ok...very random post here.....but dyu delete posts :( sigh....not havin much luck with this forum
  15. Jene

    off topic - sad statement about americans?

    ewwwww, gross (dont need to say any more)
  16. Jene

    Is Lance hot...or not?

    he was cute pre-cancer......well, when he were bald....not now tho......still think he inspirational tho......tho not as much as tyler hamilton, dunno why....ne1 else think he's ace
  17. Jene

    Men and shaving? sexy or not? and what part?

    thought only if you keep it up.....stubble on the back aint sexy at all........wax, hehehe, much funnier......gets us gals to do it 4 ya!!
  18. Jene

    Pins and needles?!

    shoes are fine....too big really but the dont go smaller than size 36 :( jus outta interest no1 has got an old pair of 35's they wanna sell do they? but th neway.....i'll try moving my cleats
  19. Jene

    Pins and needles?!

    ok, recently got new off road shoes.....i found them v. comfortable to walk round i etc, but after riding for 20k or so i get a 'pins and needles' sensation in my toes.......any one else had this problem? or know what i can do...